IAG Australia’s Insurer Announces CEO Harmer for Retirement; Hawkins Appointed as Deputy CEO | Instant News

Australian insurance company IAG announced that Peter Harmer, managing director and chief executive, plans to retire by the end of 2020.

A flexible nine-month transition period was agreed with Harmer to ensure a smooth turnaround, Sydney-based IAG said in a statement.

Peter Harmer

The company notes that the search for a successor is underway, supported by the ongoing succession planning of the council, which ensures available fields from strong internal and external candidates.

Nick Hawkins

In a separate announcement, IAG Chief Financial Officer Nick Hawkins was appointed as deputy CEO with responsibility for the management and performance of IAG’s daily operations during the transition period. He will start in this role soon.

Prior to Hawkins’s 12-year tenure as IAG CFO, he was the CEO of IAG New Zealand and also held a number of roles in finance and asset management since joining the group in 2001. Before joining IAG, Nick was a partner with KPMG’s strict accounting.

Hawkins is a Fellow of Chartered Accounts Australia & New Zealand and a Harvard Advanced Management Program graduate.

IAG Australia CEO Mark Milliner will continue to lead Australian businesses and remain focused on business growth, response to the process of recovering forest fires, and the ongoing operational challenges of COVID-19.

IAG Chair Elizabeth Bryan said that the company was fortunate to have two experienced and respected executives at Hawkins and Milliner, during the transition period.

“The arrangement that we announced today reflects the strength and stability of our senior management team and will ensure the smooth operation of the company through difficult times. The Council has discussed with Mr. “Harmer for some time about his plan, followed the sick period last year, and the company is ready to transition,” Bryan said.

Harmer will remain responsible for the overall strategic direction and performance of the group during the transition period and will directly lead the company’s response to the COVID-19 emergency, IAG said.

Michelle McPherson

Michelle McPherson, CFO of Australia, has been appointed as the acting group CFO. Prior to joining IAG, McPherson was the chief financial officer and deputy chief executive officer for Nib Group, an Australian health and health insurance provider.

Harmer “has made a major contribution to IAG and is widely regarded as one of the best insurance executives in his generation,” Bryan commented.

“Peter is very important in creating a more innovative and customer-focused IAG. He has taken important steps to simplify the company while driving a culture that values ​​digital innovation and prioritizes customers. Peter will leave IAG in a strong position for success in the future, “he said.

“It is an extraordinary privilege to lead IAG and after five years of role, I believe this is the right time to hand over control to my successor, who will lead the next stage of IAG’s growth and evolution,” Harmer said.

“My immediate priority is to guide the IAG response to, and recovery from, COVID-19 and manage our key external stakeholder relationships in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment,” he added.

During his 40-year career, Harmer has held senior roles in underwriting, reinsurance intermediaries and commercial insurance intermediaries. He joined IAG in 2010 and became CEO in November 2015. Previously, he was the chief executive of the IAG Labs division, responsible for driving digital and innovation throughout IAG and its brands. He also held the role of chief digital officer and was previously the chief executive of the Commercial Insurance division. He joined IAG as CEO of CGU Insurance.

Before joining IAG, he was CEO of Aon Limited UK, a member of Aon’s global executive board, and spent seven years as CEO of Aon’s Australian operations and was chairman and chief executive of Aon Re.

Source: IAG


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26 Miami-Dade libraries to provide resettlement assistance applications | Instant News

COUNTY DADING MIAMI, Fla. – Starting Wednesday, 26 libraries in Miami-Dade County will begin providing print placement assistance applications for residents who may not have a computer at home or who have difficulty entering online portals.

The application will be available in English, Spanish or Creole.

Envelopes to activate the application will also be available to be picked up at a table outside the library entrance from 8am – 7pm. seven days a week until further notice.

“Residents can take home the application to be filled out and then return it in a sealed envelope by dropping it in the library’s book drop location or at Career Resources in South Florida location, “a press release from the district stated. “The application will be taken from a book drop every day and sent to CareerSource South Florida where trained staff will send it safely overnight to DEO in Tallahassee for processing.”

Residents who have computers available to them can also download and print a copy of the application from the DEO website and return to the participating library book drop.

Social distance prevention measures will be taken at each participating library, with information marks and marks on the ground six feet apart.

Below is a list of 26 library locations where residents can take the application:

The library where Miami-Dade County residents can take resettlement assistance applications. (Miami-Dade District)

CareerSource South Florida is available to provide assistance in completing the application by calling 305-929-1547.

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Commitment to the Android code base shows Google can make mobile makers stronger using updates that are partitioned ‘seamlessly’ • Register | Instant News

Despite Google’s better efforts, the operating system update on Android has long been a mess, disrupted. The launch of Android 11 will solve a number of problems, with Google likely to force manufacturers to use an A / B Virtual partitioned update system.

Recently To do to the Android Vendor Test Suite (VTS) shows that it will immediately check that A / B Partitions are enabled for devices running Android 11. If not, the test will fail.

This change is not yet in production, and Google can easily change its mind before the official launch of Android 11, which is expected to land in the coming months.

Partitioned – or “seamless” updates work by copying the new version of Android to a separate partition on the device’s internal storage. When users reboot the phone, they boot into a partition that contains a newer software version.

This technology is not new. Google introduced features with Android 7.0 Nougat, as part of its Project Treble initiative. However, Google failed to mandate that OEMs actually use it. Predictably, this has caused inconsistencies in the entire Android ecosystem.

Recovery and pause on the mobile stroker’s custom day

Some manufacturers, especially Google itself, use A / B Partitions to provide updates, while others (such as Samsung and OPPO) have their own approach. Much of this depends on the phone entering recovery mode, preventing users from using the device while the update is being installed.

Partitioned updates resolve the issue. They also make it easier to roll back to a functioning version of Android, if the installation fails or is damaged.

Android updates have long been a tricky subject for Google. Unlike iOS, there is no universal standard for how quickly and frequently updates are rolled out because this is primarily the field of OEMs and operators.

The final result? Only 12.45 percent of Android phones use the latest and greatest operating system, Android 10, according to Statcounter. Less than half use the latest version, Android Pie. Surprisingly, more than 9 percent of Android phones use Version 6.0, which is no longer supported by Google.

To overcome this problem, Google has uninstalled many system-level applications and services from the core operating system, which allows it to be updated through the Google Play Store rather than through irregular device updates.

This technically makes updates faster and cheaper to use, although it still largely depends on the desires of the device manufacturer. Thrusting a standard update system will help further, but without some serious rounds from Google, it is likely that this problem will still exist. ®

Webcast: Build the next generation of your business in the public cloud

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Shake Milton Next to Give Donations from Sixers | Instant News

Although the Philadelphia 76ers became hot a few weeks ago after the team’s implementing partner proposed a salary cut, the team has since revived when members of the organization continued to make large contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a few days since the Sixers have made an additional donation, but the team’s second-year guard, Shake Milton, is now involved because he made a generous contribution recently. After working with the popular vegan restaurant chain HipCityVeg, Milton, and the company will donate 500 meals and shakes to frontline medical workers.

Based on VegNews, donations will begin at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, then continue to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center for the next week.

“As a company born and raised in Philadelphia, we are big fans of Shake and the Sixers,” said HipCityVeg founder and CEO Nicole Marquis. “We want to do everything we can to give back to the people on the front lines. We are very grateful for Shake Milton’s generosity, and we are above the moon so he chose to work with us to feed our community.”

Shake Milton became one of a handful of Sixers to get involved with donations in the city. Sixers Managing Partners, Josh Harris, and David Blitzer have made many donations over the past week.

As far as players go, Joel Embiid has donated more than $ 500,000 to aid and research medical care. Meanwhile, Ben Simmons has been excited ‘Pledge Philly, ‘which encouraged the Philadelphia people to contribute to two important non-profits.

Also, the great Sixers, Al Horford, used his money well because he spread half a million dollars in some areas. Now, Milton is involved in action as a second-year veteran continuing the selfless trend in the NBA.

Justin Grasso covered the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow it on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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A quarantine diet that will boost your immune system | Instant News

With most of us having to stay home because it’s locked, the opportunity to consume fresh food has diminished. However, it is very important that we now eat foods that support a strong immune system. To show that it is possible to go on a healthy diet even when fresh produce is scarce, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made a list of the best food purchases (see box) as well as examples of recipes for inspiration (see below). It also issued guidelines on how to eat healthy for those who were isolated.

These guidelines show: “Limited access to fresh food can lead to an increase in consumption of processed foods, which tend to be high in fat, sugar and salt. Such changes in eating behavior can have negative effects on the immune system, overall physical and mental health, and global individual well-being. “It explains the strategies that will be used when buying and using ingredients and how to follow safe food handling practices and limit salt, sugar and fat intake. This also includes a list of highly nutritious items that are generally affordable, accessible, and have a lifetime keep the old one.

There is a high possibility that many of those who are trapped indoors often achieve extra calories. Everyone is under pressure because of the situation. To overcome your lock color, you may have a desire for food that satisfies the reward center or pleasure of your brain and gives you a feeling of fullness. Foods that give you a happy feeling – such as chocolate, cakes, soft drinks, cookies and cookies – are usually high in sugar.

While overeating like sugar-rich foods can provide temporary relief from stress, it also increases the possibility of having blood vessel inflammation. This can affect the immune system, which should fight the possibility of a virus attack.

To stop yourself from cravings for sugar cravings, psychiatrist Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram recommends that you record what you eat. “Keep a food diary to control unplanned eating. Don’t mourn because you feel bored or stressed. Snacking too much is also not recommended. Try practicing eating attentively – chew slowly, enjoy every part, smell and taste, “he said.

It’s okay to obey your wishes once in a while. Not only will it improve your mood, but it’s also easier to provide food rations if you don’t give up at all. Banning sugary foods from your diet will only mean that you will enjoy them every time you lose your self-control. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious snack will also ensure that you do not go directly to the cookie can whenever you want to bite. Snacks that pair protein with products, such as cheese and apples or yogurt with nuts and dried fruit or carrots with a healthy and delicious sauce.

To stick to a healthy diet, plan ahead. Easily run out of ideas when you have to cook all food at home. Try planning a daily menu for several days so you don’t have to face the dilemma of “dinner” every night.

Planning food in advance also ensures better use of ingredients – you can use things that are on the verge of collapse first so there is no waste. In addition, you can then make sure that you have used all the staples before going shopping. You will be surprised how many dishes you can get from things that have been hiding in the corners of your food cupboard.

Another advantage of menu planning is that you can make sure you get a variety of nutrients. Don’t avoid important nutrients now unless you are allergic to them. The three nutrients your immune system needs now are Vitamin A (found in sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach), Vitamin C (found in lemons, oranges, and tomatoes) and zinc (found in meat, milk and bread).

Some people have started taking multivitamin pills to boost their immune system. But is this successful? Said Dr. Sumit Sengupta, a chest specialist based in Calcutta, “Taking vitamin pills indiscriminately may not function as a preventative measure. Getting the right vitamins from a balanced diet should be the main goal. One must also maintain a proper lifestyle and a balanced diet. To make sure your lungs are fit to fight infection, do light exercise and stop smoking. Good sleep is also needed to improve immunity. “

Another important thing is staying hydrated. Drinking enough fluids is very important. It doesn’t have to be just water – pumpkin, tea, coffee and milk all counted in the eight glasses of liquid we need every day. Reduce caffeinated drinks to a minimum and try not to drink them after the afternoon if you don’t want them to affect your sleep.

Buy the best food

  • Oranges, bananas, and apples can be chopped and frozen to be added later to smoothies. Carrots, turnips and beets, and cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are relatively easy to damage. Garlic, ginger and onion are also easy to store.
  • Nuts, beans, lentils and other nuts are a source of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Use in stews, soups, spreads and salads.
  • Whole wheat rice and pasta, oats and atta have a long shelf life and contribute to fiber intake. Wheat bread can be easily frozen for later use, ideally in slices. Potatoes and yams are also durable and are a good source of carbohydrates. Leave the skin for extra fiber and flavor.
  • Dried fruits, nuts and seeds can serve as a healthy snack or can be added to porridge, oats, salads and other foods. Peanut butter is also a good choice.
  • Eggs are a great source of protein and nutrition and are very versatile. Choose to boil or boil instead of frying.
  • Milk that is processed at very high temperatures in a carton will be relatively stable on the shelf. Milk powder is another stable choice on the shelf.

Source: WHO

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