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LAHORE – The medical association has observed that a pandemic has exposed the country’s fragile health care system.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Monday, Professor Muhammad Afzal Mian, President of the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Dr. Ashraf Nizami, President (PMA) of Lahore, Dr. Tariq Mian, President of the Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) and Dr. Shoaib Khan Niazi, Senior Vice President of the Punjab Young Doctors Association (YDA), observed that all medical associations were very concerned about the increasing number of corona virus patients throughout the country.

They added that currently, the number of patients in Pakistan has reached 70,000 while the number of deaths has reached 1,500, while in the first Ramadan, the numbers were 12,500 and 269, respectively.

The existing health facilities in Pakistan are certainly not sufficient to deal with the rapid spread of corona, they said, adding, “It is important for the government to not only improve these facilities on an emergency basis but also to formulate a coherent and systematic strategy for long-term training. short technical staff to operate this facility effectively.

Regarding the current situation, the doctor’s association requests the following from the federal and provincial governments.

Because the facilities available for the treatment of coronavirus patients in government hospitals throughout the country are inadequate, there is a need to improve them on a war footing. In addition, effective measures must be taken in all hospitals to ensure the safety of doctors and paramedical staff in view of the increasing incidence of violence against health workers.

The bodies of people who die from corona can be turned over to their relatives after taking a number of precautions.

The Central Government and Punjab must play their role in this matter.

In light of the guidelines and suggestions for burial, the new SOP implemented in Sindh must be replicated throughout the country to reduce public unrest and anger over burial.

It can also prevent misunderstandings, misinformation and baseless information about corona.

The government must make public awareness campaigns more effective. Make mask use outside the home mandatory and hold representatives from each class and organization responsible for not implementing SOPs in their respective sectors and communities.

Due to lack of information and lack of proper guidance from the government, the burden of patients coming from small cities to big cities including Karachi and Lahore increased, which caused a lack of facilities. The government must provide the best health care facilities to patients in the closest place and require private hospitals to provide corona treatment facilities in cities where the patient burden is high. Hospitals, including the Al-Khidmat Hospital, where the government offered care to Corona patients, must also be used.

They show that with a rapidly developing disease; there has also been a sharp increase in hospital violence across the country. Doctors and paramedical staff work day and night to save patients’ lives at the risk of not only their own lives but also the lives of their families, so it is the government’s responsibility to ensure their safety in every possible way. The medical association, therefore, urges the federal government and all provinces not only to provide adequate safety equipment for all health care workers but also to deploy law enforcement agents to protect medical personnel in all hospitals that treat corona. Rioters in hospitals and perpetrators of violence against health workers must be prosecuted under the Terrorism Act and sentenced as soon as possible so that no one dares to do it again.

The doctor’s association demands that in the case of illness, all health workers must be given the best facilities in the hospital so that those who care for patients do not have to go from house to house for self-care. Announced financial incentives for all health workers must also be implemented.

The government must timely and effectively curb misleading propaganda circulating on social media, block all websites and social media posts that mislead the public and harass health care workers and consequently cause them mental and physical abuse. Also, everyone involved in spreading negative and misleading propaganda must be severely punished regardless of their class, group or institution.


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