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72,460 people have tested positive for the disease and 1,543 died of it in that country.

The Islamabad district government has announced a fine of up to Rs3,000 (Dh68, $ 18) for not wearing masks in public places, in an effort to control the spread of Covid-19, Deputy Commissioner of the capital (DC) of the capital of Pakistan said.

Wearing a mask has been mandatory for factory employees, shopping centers and other shops since they were permitted to operate after being easily locked by the government last month, but now it is also mandatory for the general public under the direction of health. the ministry, DC Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat told the Xinhua news agency.

On Saturday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Health Zafar Mirza said that the government had obliged the general public to wear masks in mosques, markets, shopping centers, public transportation, trains and commercial flights, and in other crowded areas. to avoid the spread of disease.

DC said that initially an awareness campaign would be launched where a special team had been formed, which would visit the city every day and notify those who were not wearing masks to follow the rules, and after a few days a fine would be imposed on those who did not cooperate with the authorities and continue to ignore government directives.

Shafqaat said that health experts had told them that the transmission of the virus could be stopped by up to 75 percent by wearing a mask, and they hoped to control the spread of the virus by encouraging people to adopt it as their lifestyle.

The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing in the country.

The sharp surge has been witnessed since the ease of being locked by the government.

According to data released by the country’s health ministry on Monday, 72,460 people have tested positive for the disease and 1,543 died from it.

Islamabad has reported a total of 2,589 cases, and according to hospital sources, most patients in the capital are quarantined in their homes because of their stable condition.

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