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Pakistani actress Uzma Khan with her former adviser Khadija Siddiqui who withdrew from the case after the settlement report Image credit: Twitter

The case of the attack by Pakistani actress Uzma Khan went viral after a video showed three women associated with a prominent businessman in Pakistan attacking and harassing the actress.

A few days after the viral video of Pakistani actress Uzma Khan was assaulted inside her house by two women in Lahore causing outrage, the lawyer representing the victim was taken to social media to officially distance herself from celebrities.

Khadija Siddiqui has taken the case of Uzma, who was attacked by three women and a group of guards who broke into her house before Eid.

“This is to announce that we are severing ties from the #UzmaKhan case. I understand the reason for any settlement by two women who have been harmed in a system that has been cheated, my conscience does not allow me to be a part of it, even in a professional capacity Struggle against violation of the law continued “, the lawyer wrote on the microblogging site.

The announcement came a day after reports emerged about cases being settled out of court.

This case is a famous case, not only because of the involvement of a celebrity but also because the two women accused in the video have been identified as daughters of a powerful property king in Pakistan, Malik Riaz.

As per report in The BBC, the third female suspect has been identified as Amena Usman Malik, who claims that actress Uzma Khan has had an affair with her husband. Amena is reportedly the niece of Riaz Malik’s son-in-law.

In the video of the incident which became viral, three women were seen entering the residence of Uzma in Uzore along with armed guards. The women were caught red-handedly destroying personal property and attacking Uzma and her sister. One clip also shows a woman, supposedly Amena, interrogating an actress about her affair with her husband.

After the video of the case spread, the victim and her sister approached security. While investigations began by police in the last week of May and arrest warrants were reportedly issued against two women involved in the attack, media reports claimed that the case was settled out of court.

This case has brought different treatment that was handed down to VIPs in Pakistan.

Due to strong family involvement, many people in Pakistan feel that this case has received less media attention. Now, news of the settlement seems to have confirmed many people’s doubts.

While the report has not been confirmed by the actress or sister, the announcement by Uzma’s adviser, Khadijah, came as confirmation.

Speak to local dailies Pakistan todayKhadija said, “All my struggle has been against lawlessness and I want the law to be the same for everyone,” he said. “I don’t want this to go to completion.”

According to reports, lawyers, as well as victims, have been under a lot of pressure regarding this case. Khadeeja added that now that there was a settlement report, he would not handle the Usma case again.

Pakistan is well known for suppressing the rights and voices of women, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those involved in legal battles. The Uzma attack sparked outrage in the media and social media, leading to debate about incidents of infidelity vs. VIP privileges.

In his statement to the police, Uzma said that he had been threatened, tortured, and blackmailed.

This case also caused intense sexism towards victims and women accused in social media and media platforms in Pakistan. Some trolls attack Khan and the cachter kills him as a ‘house destroyer’. On June 1, the actress issued a statement regarding the incident, claiming that the fight was legal and that all attempts to slander her “took root in mysoginy and sexism”.

This case caused several celebrities and influencers in Pakistan to talk. Many argue that while infidelity is inappropriate and can be punished, the fact that certain women can use their privileges to go out attacking others also cannot be forgiven. Others cited the actress’s moral policy and Pakistan’s Adultery law which made violations of the law by women violations punishable., my address, sex, active, sex , & publish_min = 2020-05-31T23: 42: 14,000Z & publish_max = 2020-06-02T23: 42: 14,000Z & sort_by = date-relevance & order_by = 0 & limit = 2


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