Hasnain Lehri recalls the night she searched the hospital and morgue in hopes of finding her charming friend


KARACHI: On May 22, right after the Jummahtul Wida prayer, a special Idul Fitri flight was on its way from Lahore to Karachi. With domestic air travel being closed for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are eagerly awaiting the return of their loved ones right before Eid al-Fitr when domestic flights resume.

That did not happen. A few minutes before landing, the ill-fated flight PK8303 crashed in a residential area in Karachi which killed all but two passengers. With the plane still littered with the debris of four buildings that had collapsed in the accident, the family and friends of the council themselves began a desperate search for their loved ones.

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The Hasnain Lehri model was among those who tried to find out the fate of his colleague, Zara Abid, who had also been on a PK8303 plane. When reports of his whereabouts on the plane circulated, so did the contradictory rumors about his safety and death.

Hasnain and Zara’s family members were still exploring hospitals and mortuaries in Karachi when they began to receive condolence messages from fans and the same showbiz fraternity. The rumor prompted Zara’s brother to release a video message on social media, begging people not to pay attention to news of Zara’s recovery or death unless it came from his family.

Speak to The Express Tribune, the Hasnain model tells of the ordeal she and Zara’s family shared on that fateful day.

“I lost my brother’s last Ramazan,” he said. “I’ve been through this. I know the pain. “According to the model, he hoped when the news channel began broadcasting reports about the accident.” I felt completely helpless. I told my father that I would go and help, “he said.” I tried to find out where the operating workers were the rescue brought the victims and learned that they moved everyone to the Jinnah hospital. “

The model said that when he arrived at the hospital he could see two containers where they kept corpses. “I kept thinking in my head that I needed to help. They took the bodies out of the container and I tried to find Zara, “he recalled. “I think, even if he barely breathes I will move him to another hospital.”


“I called brother Zara at the time. He told me he was next to the emergency room. I went to find him and he also looked for him,” Hasnain added.

“I called MNA Nasir Ali Shah and asked for help. Because I belong to a family with a political background, I have access to all areas of the hospital, “he stressed. “I have access to the morgue. We have to be sure. At that time, Zara’s mother and other family members were also present at the hospital. We look for it in the CCU, ICU and Surgical ICU. But it’s heartbreaking to see a mother frantically trying to find her daughter. So, I suggest he go home and the others can continue to look for Zara. “


According to Hasnain, the Model Association Union was also concerned and kept in touch with them to ask whether they had found Zara or not. “But late at night, the government declared all passengers had died. The SSP called and told us that six people who had survived the accident had also died. “

“I went to bed at 4:30 that morning. “But I got a call a few hours later and was told more bodies had been found and taken to Edhi’s morgue,” he said. “I called on Zara’s brother to tell him to check that Edhi had received more bodies. Not long after, one of his cousins ​​called me to tell me that they had found it, “he added.

Hasnain also shared the ordeal of trying to distance Zara’s body from social media. “Everything exploded on social media, but we made sure there were no photographs made on any networking site,” he said.

“We make sure everyone remembers Zara as a beautiful spirit. Always shining, always laughing. “

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