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LAHORE: Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi accused the government of blackmailing the head of the NAB and he took the decision on the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He expressed this view outside the Lahore High Court during President Shahbaz Sharif’s PML-N appearance for Wednesday’s pre-arrest bail. Abbasi said, “The bad intentions of the government and NAB have been revealed today. Shahbaz Sharif has answered all their questions for 20 months now. He appeared before the investigation committee 10 to 15 times and was returned to NAB detention for 70 days and then in court custody. “Despite all kinds of pressure tactics, NAB and the government cannot prove even one accusation against Shahbaz Sharif,” Abbasi stressed, raising questions about investigations carried out by anti-corruption bodies, the former prime minister said when the NAB failed to find evidence in this case, he uses three tactics as a last resort: off-asset assets, money laundering and benami accounts.

“NAB cannot even prove the embezzlement of government funds against Shahbaz,” he said. Insisting that Shahbaz was ready to work with the Bureau, the former prime minister demanded that an investigation be carried out in front of the camera so that everyone could see the real picture. “If the aim is to blame and defame someone, the NAB has been doing this for 20 years now,” he complained, regretting that when national institutions plummeted to this level, the roots of the state became hollow.

Although Shahbaz was summoned by the Bureau on June 2, his arrest warrant was issued on May 28 by the NAB chairman, Abbasi said, adding “isn’t that dishonest?” Giving address of residence in the Lahore Period Park, the PML-N leader asked the head of the NAB to send a team there and investigate who the owner was, whether he had the means to buy property, whether he had stated it in the form of a tax return and what traces of the money were. “I gave you evidence in Bus Rapid Transport (BRT), wheat sugar, and drug scandals. Why has no paper been submitted in the case of foreign funding? “

He further said that Pakistanis have the right to know who raised the policy rate to 13.25% and what is happening in the finance ministry. When the country grapples with deadly diseases such as Covid-19 which has wreaked havoc in the country, he said, cabinet meetings were busy discussing Nawaz Sharif and how to slander leaders on false accusations.

“If the country’s problems are solved by putting us in prison, we are ready,” he said. PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal also spoke on the occasion and said this was an attempt by the government to prevent opposition leaders from attending the budget meeting. “This virus has taken the form of an emergency in this country and the government is only determined to make a false case against the Opposition,” he added.

In addition, PML-N vehicles led by Rana Sanaullah were stopped at Regal Chowk. Police officers insisted on inspecting the vehicle but Rana refused. He said he would allow checks before the media. He was afraid the police would put drugs in his vehicle like they did before.

Meanwhile, Kh Saad Rafique who spoke with reporters said the NAB should not have been issued an arrest warrant when Shahbaz had applied for a pre-arrest guarantee. He added the NAB attack on the Model Town residence was illegal.

He also said the police did not allow them to enter the courtroom even though the court was open. He said the head of the court had ordered all routes open but the police stopped them from entering the court.

PML-N Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb said Prime Minister Imran Khan used NAB to divert attention from his corruption, incompetence and failure through the most ferocious political victimization campaign for the past two and a half years.

He said despite having all the powers, records, misusing government machinery, violating the Constitution; Imran has failed to prove a cent of corruption, misappropriation or embezzlement of public money to PML-N leaders.

That is why this whole ‘circus’ has been staged repeatedly because it is not based on fictitious claims and has no truth in court.

He said the unholy NAB-Niazi alliance could only illegally capture and kidnap political rivals but could never submit a single reference against them. The government ‘bullies who don’t know anything’ and amateurs can only put political opponents behind bars to feed their little revenge.

This new wave of witch hunts against Shahbaz Sharif is another diversionary tactic by a corrupt, incompetent, and unqualified government.

On the other hand, he said large numbers of people were dying because of the surging corona virus and Prime Minister Imran Khan had failed to design and implement any strategy to combat the pandemic.

With all this happening, the government has all its resources focused on Shahbaz, not coronavirus. Marriyum said, “The government has failed to provide assistance to the poor, day laborers, and the underprivileged and to hide this they are trying to capture Shahbaz; The government has no answer to corruption and sugar theft which is the reason why they are trying to capture the president of PML-N.


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