India stated that it was to kick out half the staff at the Pakistani Embassy in new Delhi because of alleged espionage there are officials that has forced Islamabad to say that he will respond in kind.

Relations between opponents of nuclear weapons are stressed and tit-for-tat expulsions of diplomats, often on charges of espionage are common.

None of the countries does not have a permanent Ambassador in place in the last month, each country have accused each other of illegal arrest and torture of its diplomats.

“They [Pakistan] participated in acts of espionage and to maintain relations with terrorist organizations,” the Ministry of foreign Affairs of India said in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement mentioned “the recent theft at gunpoint” two Indian officials that new Delhi has accused Islamabad in the torment after the alleged hitting incident in the capital of Pakistan.

Men returned to India on Monday, where they “provided graphic detail of the barbaric treatment that they experienced at the hands of Pakistani authorities,” – said the Minister.

“The behavior of Pakistan and its officials is not in accordance with the Vienna Convention and bilateral agreements on the treatment of diplomatic and consular officials.

“Thus, the government of India has decided to reduce the number of staff in the Pakistan high Commission in new Delhi by 50 percent.”

The Ministry said it will “to reduce its presence in Islamabad in the same proportion”.

Pakistan rejects accusations

The Pakistan foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday that it “completely rejects” allegations its employees in new Delhi had violated any diplomatic conventions.

“Pakistan rejects the allegations of intimidation of officials of the Indian high Commission in Islamabad,” the Ministry statement Pakistan to read.

“The smear campaign of the government against India, Pakistan can’t hide illegal activity in which Indian high Commission officials were found involved in the case,” the statement said – an obvious reference to the incident on 16 June, the movement in Islamabad that two Indian officials, who allegedly fled.

Last week, the government of Pakistan has rejected Indian allegations that two Indian diplomats were “stolen”, saying that the men were involved in a hit-and-run accident and was returned to Indian custody after they completed the legal formalities.

The statement of Pakistan on Tuesday said that it was Islamabad and not new Delhi I ordered on the mutual reduction of 50 percent to the diplomatic presence of India in the capital of Pakistan.

Both countries stated that reducing staffing levels must be made within seven days.

The Pakistan high Commission in new Delhi were permitted to have up to 106 frames, but in recent months, lower-level employees about 80 Islamabad, diplomatic sources told AFP.

New Delhi has stepped up military action in the disputed territory of Indian-administered Kashmir with nationwide lockdown coronavirus was imposed in late March [STR/EPA]

Pigeon temporarily detained

The latest round of hostility began when new Delhi sent two employees of the Embassy of Pakistan on 31 may on charges of espionage, says Islamabad has called “baseless”.

Last month, the Indian police released the pigeon, owned by Pakistani Fisherman after investigation found out that the bird that flew through the disputed border between the two countries, not engaged in espionage.

Tensions were already after India in August, revised from a Muslim majority Indian to enter the semi-Autonomous status of Kashmir and introduced a major security requirement.

Kashmir was divided between India and Pakistan in 1947 when they gained independence from Britain, but claimed by both.

Indian government forces carried out numerous military operations in Kashmir, as was the national virus blocking, introduced in late March, killing dozens of fighters.

New Delhi accuses Islamabad regularly for arming and training the rebels before sending them across the border into the Indian part of Kashmir. Pakistan rejects these allegations.

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