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Lahore:the Lahore High court on Tuesday directed Punjab on blood transfusion (PBTA) to submit a comprehensive report on measures taken to stop the illegal sale of patient plasma recovered from the coronavirus.

Chief justice Muhammad Qasim Khan was hearing a petition questioning the activities of the government on the sale of plasma. Pursuant to the decision of the court in the order, the Secretary Nabil health Avan and officials of the Commission on health and PBTA appeared before the court. To a court query, the health Secretary acknowledged that the PBTA was not fully functional. CJ regrets that were reported on a daily basis issues relating to blood transfusion, but government officials were deaf, adding that all cases can’t perform while sitting in Lahore. CJ said plasma sold for RS 500,000 to 600,000, and the government has failed to stop it. Responding to a court query, the health Secretary said that better conditions were provided for Covid-19 patients. CJ regrets that the government has a system in place, but not taken any action against sellers of plasma. He said that private clinics were minted money from the coronavirus patients as RS 6 to 7 million patients. However, the Board of health said that the RS 250,000 was charged from the patients admitted in the ICU while less money is taken for the rest room patients. They said action was taken against four private hospitals in Lahore and Rawalpindi. CJ looked unimpressed and I noticed that he belonged to this earth and knew everyone and everything. He directed them to submit. Officials PBTA told the court that 140 licences were issued for blood transfusion in the province. To him, the CJ asked them if they know how much blood banks were working in Tunsa. Officer has failed to respond to the request of CJ. The court adjourned the hearing to July 25, and asked the government to ensure that the plasma was given only. The plaintiff’s attorney, Arshad Virk, admitted that the patients recovered from coronavirus openly sell their plasma in violation of strict laws. He said that they made a mockery of the law, but the government took no action to stop the illegal sale of plasma. There are fears the involvement of the international mafia in this dirty game. The applicant asked the court to issue a direction to the government to immediately stop the illegal sale of plasma and strict measures against perpetrators.

BISP: the Pakistan peoples party (PPP) has filed a writ in the Lahore High court challenging the transfer of Federal authorities to change the name of the support programme, Benazir income. President Punjab PPP Qamaruz Zaman Kaira walked over to the TANK that the PPP government was made by BISP in 2010 aimed at providing financial assistance to poor and deserving segments of society. He said that BISP was initiated under legal cover after the then Parliament passed a law called “Act in support of the Benazir income program 2010” and he was appointed its first Chairman. He said that the current Federal government illegally changed the name of the BISP program Ehsaas. He noted that the name of BISP cannot be changed without making changes in the BISP act 2010. He said that in this case the Federal government had not submitted any bill to the Parliament amendments to the relevant law.

The petitioner prayed to the court to cancel the government’s decision of changing the name of BISP and bar him from any illegal change in the law.

Ring design: a constitutional petition was filed in Lahore High court (LHC) against the changes in the design of the ring road southern loop – III (SL-III).

A citizen, Muhammad Ilyas Chaudhry, through his counsel lawyer MIAN Bilal Ahmed said that in the original map of SL – III on a straight road it was proposed, but later ring road authority (RRA) changed the design to give some benefit for his blue eyes. He said before the approval was not requested from the relevant municipal Council to change the design. He said that the number of owners of the plant suffered from changes in design as his more than five Kanal land will go to the project. He said the Commissioner has issued land acquisition notification for acquisition of land without entertaining objections affectees’. He asked the court to recognize changes in the design illegal and cancellation of the notice on land acquisition. He also pleaded to the court to restrain the RRA from land purchase to final disposal of the petition.


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