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Accusations of Pakistan categorically rejects’ of their Indian employees in new Delhi spy

Islamabad: Pakistan foreign Affairs on Tuesday rejected accusations that the Indian employees in Islamabad Embassy in new Delhi engaged in espionage, answering ad India earlier in the day that it intends to expel half of Pakistan’s Embassy staff in new Delhi because of alleged espionage.

Relations between opponents of nuclear weapons have been tense for many decades, and the mutual expulsion of diplomats, often on charges of espionage, is not uncommon. India has deported two Pakistani diplomats on may 31 after they were held on charges of espionage, says Islamabad has called “groundless.”

“Pakistan strongly rejects and categorically condemns the groundless allegations made by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of India as a pretext to reduce by 50% the number of staff in the high Commission for Pakistan in new Delhi,” the foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Pakistan completely rejects allegations of a violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, officials of the high Commission for Pakistan in new Delhi and confirms that they always act within international law and diplomatic norms.”

The Ministry of foreign Affairs also said that Pakistan rejects charges of India that the Indian high Commission officials in Islamabad were intimidated.

“The smear campaign of the government against India, Pakistan can’t hide illegal activity in which Indian high Commission officials were found involved,” the statement said.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs added that he was summoned charge d’affaires of the Indian charge d’affaires in Islamabad on Tuesday in the Ministry of foreign Affairs to convey the failure of Pakistan of all charges.

“The charge d’affaires of the Indian attorney was also informed about the decision of Pakistan to reduce the number of staff of the Indian high Commission at 50% as a retaliatory measure,” the statement said. “The charge d’affaires charge d’ was invited to carry out the decision referred to it for seven days.”

Pakistan also said that the recent actions of India was an attempt to divert attention from human rights violations in Indian part of Kashmir.

Kashmir has long been a source of tension between neighbors, but the tension was renewed after new Delhi withdrew the autonomy of the Himalayan region in August last year and divide by the Federal controlled territory.

Both countries claim the region in full, but only parts, and often accuse each other of violating the 2003 ceasefire agreement by shelling and firing along the line of control (loc), the informal border in Kashmir, and kill dozens every year.

“India would be better advised to focus on their internal and external problems and not to create leakage at the expense of peace and stability in South Asia,” said the Pakistani statement said.

Last week, Pakistani authorities freed two Indian high Commission officials after a brief detention for the alleged accident.

Indian media reported on Monday that two officials of the Indian high Commission went missing in Islamabad while on official work.

In Islamabad, the police arrested two Indian officials in hit and run case on Monday morning, Pakistani police said that the incident in which a pedestrian is injured while the drivers tried to escape.

According to Pakistani police, a pedestrian was seriously injured and shifted to hospital for treatment. A huge crowd of people stopped the car and gave the two men in the Islamabad police headquarters, where they were identified as officials of the high Commission.

Indian media reported the arrest of officials as the response of Islamabad to new Delhi to the expulsion of two employees of the high Commissioner of Pakistan in new Delhi on espionage charges on 31 may. Pakistan rejected the accusations as “false and unfounded”.


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