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Lahore:the fate of the ongoing work of more than 4,500 sanitation workers, it is unclear how the alleged mass recruitment of scandal concerning bribes and cronyism were in the company Lahore waste management (LWMC).

About two months ago, LWMC was advertised in various Newspapers about hiring where hundreds of thousands of candidates. However, the Chairman of the LWMC Riaz Hamid announced that the company will re-gain their employees ‘ and sanitation employees and no age restrictions for existing employees.

In response to the announcement of the company, all employees, including those who were hired two Turkish contractors of the company through a third party also apply. The company in the first stage, started to recruit those workers who was on her own salary and had been recruited through a company named hub of excellence. These workers were about 2400 of which 2 100 was rehired in recent years they have started to arrive in the letter of appointment.

On the other hand, for 4,731 sanitation workers hired by the Turkish contractors by third-party companies, namely Salman and Zohaib Co and Ko were asked not to come on duty as reception was not yet.

Surprisingly, in the first stage, a large number of sanitation workers to a third party by Turkish contractors were also brought in letters of appointment for which allegations of bribes/favoritism personnel and the company’s activities began to surface. Complaints in this regard have also been received by the company’s management.

After the complaints that were recruited more than 1,000 sanitation workers, and claimed that many of them have paid RS 50,000 to Rs200,000 for their re-appointment, Deputy managing Director (DMD) conducted an internal investigation.

Meanwhile, LWMC managing Director recently made a monitoring Committee to solve the issue. In the letter, a copy of which was available with the scribe, pointed out that with reference to advertising in respect of applications for various projects jobs in LWMC Lahore and Multan, consisted of three members of the control Committee. Members of the working group was General Manager Farrukh butt, senior Manager OPS Murtaza ch and the GIS Manager Shoaib Dar.

According to the letter, the Committee will review the entire recruitment process and assure you the process has been reviewed in accordance with the rules, if not, specify the areas where the act was committed, the Committee will go through all the provisions of the approval paper received from the LWMC CEO and will check whether all conditions have been met, if not followed, then this will be indicated.

The Committee also takes into account that the attendance cut-off March 2020 was duly considered in the selection or there is a violation of policy, the Committee will review changes made to the various lists of some malafide or not and any other issues relating to employment will be considered by the Committee.

Meanwhile, the guide also presents the Committee to investigate, headed by the chief financial officer of the company to investigate allegations of bribery and cronyism. This Committee will submit its report within the next seven days, said General Manager personnel, during a conversation with the clerk. He said that the control Committee and inquiry Committee will work separately and was created to ensure transparency in the company.

LWMC DMD during a conversation with a clerk says a full investigation will be made in connection with reports on corruption and no one will be forgiven in recognition of their guilty. The company’s Chairman said that not a single employee wanted to be left alone, and the company will hire all health workers through a third party by Turkish contractors.


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