The opposition party urged the APC to stop the process of accountability: CH Sarwar | Instant News

Lahore – Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the opposition parties want to call anti-government armored personnel carriers to fulfill their desire to stop the process of accountability.

He said the delegation headed by Yavar Abbas Syed Shah, MPA Tehreek-e-Insaf Majboob Ahmed, President Pak-Portugal Association, Chaudhry Ghulam Ghous from Tehreek-e-Kashmir Europe and others in the Governor’s House Lahore on Sunday.

The Governor assured the delegation to consider the question of the restoration section of the Embassy of Portugal and a visa to Pakistan with the foreign Minister.

Spoke to the delegations, CH Sarwar said that politicians from the opposition political threat to themselves, because their agenda was not in the interests of society, and it was intended to protect their personal interests, which people were very aweare and rejected their agenda. He said that since PTI came to power, the opposition called for dozens of party conferences. He said that the opposition wanted to call the conference for their protection and an end to the accountability process initiated by the government of PTI.

Governor Punjab said that the country is still suffering from the effects of corruption and Mal-intended policy of the rulers of the past. He said that Pakistan is facing economic problems because of the crisis coronavirus but despite these problems, the Federal and the government of the Punjab was given free budget a tax on people. He said that the government is trying to give more help to people.

CH Sarwar said that the threat of a pandemic had not yet overcome. He said that in July the looming danger of further aggravation of the disease and therefore, people should take preventive measures more effectively to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the coming days.

He said that overseas Pakistanis were the human and financial capital of the nation and their problems have been fixed. He said that the boundary Commission in Punjab was working round the clock to solve the problems of Pakistanis living abroad.


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