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Feroz Kadri in shawls Wafa Kar’.
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It’s not every day that a first-time actor will play an author-backed role in her debut series.

Feroz Kadri got lucky when he got to the part in the current soap TV buzz, “with”. It was a role that was conceived as a one-dimensional character, but became the main draw of the show.

Actually, the writer and Director decided to expand his role and add more shades to it.

In the middle of the show to Kadri amazement the trajectory of his on-screen character, Sajjad, was changed — with the illiterate, uneducated and unemployed little girl, whose marriage with an educated and sophisticated cousin, only serves to lower his self-esteem and raise your temper, a good and romantic man who respects his wife and will support her even after she was paralyzed in the accident, against the wishes of his foul-mouthed mother.

Later, when Sajjad came back to school, at the insistence of his wife, he becomes the victim of a political life of a student and ends up being kidnapped and tortured.

It is a symbol that runs the whole gamut of emotions. And Kadri couldn’t be happier.

Proud Lahori boy who studied political science and media at College before starting work at an advertising Agency for some time, Kadri was convinced to leave his hometown, and the greedy work to do in Karachi, a bustling show business world — “all by myself”, he tells news portals, with a hint of pride.

“I went without any connections or godfather kind. It has not been smooth. I call myself the duties of a warrior,” he says.

Kadri admits he may initially have been pushed in this direction, his friends and colleagues, who often believe that he had the looks and talent to be in front of the camera.

As a little experiment, he asked ACE ad film Director, Ahsan Rahim, who was hired to shoot ads for the same ad Agency to model in the advertisement.

“It was very good,” says Qadri.

All this prompted him to research in the field of acting. Technically, his first project was a ARY digital soap called ‘Chand Ki Pariyaan’ (2018), but because he withdrew after a few episodes due to production problems, Kadri would be considered ‘Wafa Kar shawls’ as it is ‘open’

Feroz Qadri

Feroz Kadri.
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Today he offered another show that requires him to shoot in Islamabad. Kadri didn’t talk about it“ because I haven’t signed. I’m also a little wary about shooting in the days of the Crown”.

He ridicules the idea that he somehow attracts soap is easy: “all I can say now is that even if I take it, it will be my last [soap]. I’m more interested in [doing] limited edition, and I want to play different characters.”

His role model Fawad Khan, who “went to the same school as me,” he says, almost slavishly. “When I learned that he [Khan] was the school head boy at the time, I was really impressed. Around this time [TV series] ‘Humsafar something will happen, and you can tell that he kindled a bit of desire in me to be like him.”

Interestingly, as Khan, Qadri also does not invest heavily on social media presence. “I don’t even like selfie, let alone post them on Instagram for others to see,” he says.

He hopes that ultimately his performances will bring him good projects, not the number of followers on his social media accounts.

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