Lahore: the city is rocked by a scandal on ‘excellent’ school where a teacher allegedly sexually harassed teenage girls, leading to a public outcry and confirm that this practice has been thriving.

News four male teachers alleged harassment of students and was subsequently shown the door in the private school concerned parents and teachers about how unsafe even one of the most elite schools can be.

Lahore grammar school (LGS), a branch located on the 1A1 Ghalib market already dismissed four teachers over allegations of sexual harassment and sending objectionable photographs and messages, at least eight students. Students talked about these allegations in social networks and more. Since the problem became public, more and more students from the school stepped forward, sharing their experiences with the same teachers and students from other schools, shows how rampant bullying in schools was.

One of the accused teachers, whose screenshots personal photos were also common, used to teach debate and policy in the school. According to reports, he was sending these photos and text messages to teenage girls for almost four years and was charged with students from almost every Department of the school.

Private Institute ear four teachers after allegations of harassment by multiple women

Meanwhile, the school whose name is mentioned in the main and social media not made a public statement on the matter. Internal sources said the management of the school were alarmed by the development and “struggling” to reach a solid solution. “Teachers and Directors of all schools are deeply concerned about the revelations,” said the source. “However, the problem lies in the fact that the students also claimed that the administration turns a blind eye to their complaints.”

A big part of the conversation took place on the page in social network Instagram, the graduates of the branch in question. He published a detailed report from the students who faced harassment.

“He was biting his lips when he spoke to me that made me uncomfortable,” said one girl.

Another complained that the teacher forced her to take a picture with him, that he will look at this right before you go to sleep every night. Another girl claimed that when she tried to complain about him, he came to class and looking at her threat that he would “fix anyone who tried to defame him”, including by deducting marks.

“Culture is the shame of a man who complains,” said the source, N who said that it’s not just [this particular school]but any other school. “Cover-this is a common reaction. But it’s also because parents do not want to take action. A mother who said her daughter complained at school the security guard was staring at her, she said she solved this problem by making her daughter wearabayato school, not to complain,” she maintained.

On the other hand, in some cases, fellow students have been accused of sexual harassment as well. The teacher made a shocking revelation about a group of boys from elite schools. “A year or two ago, one of my students was raped by these guys, and she eventually tried to commit suicide,” the teacher claimed. “She’s still not fully recovered”.

Then she said she heard that there was a gang of schoolchildren born to kill, who molested girls.

Nighat dad of digital rights Foundation confirm such cases.

“We have seen cases of blackmail and sexual harassment coming from male students – and we’ve seen that across the Board,” she says. “Although it has happened before, during the quarantine, things took a turn for the worse. There is a massive wave of pages on Facebook and Instagram, where pictures of girls are uploaded on to blackmail them”.

One thing was common, she said all the students were from private schools. “Most of them knew that these girls did not reach their families and schools to help. And in exchange for deleting the pictures, they will require [objectionable] the photo of the girl or her friends.”

None of the suspects are teachers or officials of the school administration responded to the message of Dawn and calls.

Students of the specified educational institutions have also started an online petition against teachers and “staff”. An employee of one of the branches stated that no political persecution. “They define ‘improper conduct, but there is no policy,” despite the directives of the government. Reply

Published in dawn, June 30, 2020

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