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Lahore: Punjab released data and statistics of services, including treatment, manual transmission, insulators and fans available in all hospitals on the directives of health Minister of Punjab Dr. yasmin Rashid here on Monday. According to the latest data published by the Department of primary and specialized medical care and specialized medical care Department of medical education, 7,627 beds are empty from 8,958 reserved for COVID-19 patients. In public hospitals of Lahore, 1,945 beds are empty from 2,347 protected. Lawyer Nabil Secretary SHME Avan said that in insulators Punjab, 5,237 bed of 5,882 reserved for patients crowns. In insulators the Lahore hospital, 1,515 beds are unoccupied from 1,633 reserved for COVID-19 patients. In high exposure offices in Punjab, 1,997 beds are empty from 2,573 reserved for patients crown, while in manual transmission Lahore hospital 324 beds are empty of 508. Similarly, in Punjab, 389 fans available out 574 protected while in Lahore, the fans 110 are unoccupied 210 is intended for patients crown, SHME the Minister added. On the directions of the Minister of health, services, increased for COVID-19 patients in the province.


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