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Lahore :neither pharmacies nor manufacturers sell used masks during the video the seller is selling a used mask that went viral had nothing with the registered producers and sellers of surgical, N-95, or other masks.

However, if some roadside sellers are doing such an act the sale of used masks of the pharmacists and manufacturers of the masks is not responsible for it, said former General Secretary of Pakistan Association of pharmacists (PAP) Salman during a conversation with news.

The video goes viral, in which a roadside vendor sells used masks, picking them up from the curb. The video shows that the supplier is selected by a mask which has been thrown out of the user from his widow’s car after buying a new mask from the same seller. Interestingly, after the car leaves, the seller takes the mask and puts it on his stall and sell it the next buyer, who was also passing by in a car.

Salman said that he also saw that video with the mobile and it was viral on social media platforms. However, he believed that such a huge number of used masks can be collected in an organised manner that it will be resold to manufacturers or pharmacy.

“We can’t ignore if some of the individual to commit such heinous actions, but it is still a question that from where you can collect a huge amount of masks.”

The use of masks was increased with the spread Covid-19 pandemic and the government made it mandatory in public places. In addition, medical professionals and support staff in the health sector has also increased the use of masks in hospitals and clinics during a pandemic.

Salman stressed the need to inform the masses about discarding the mask after using it also created awareness of the importance of using masks during the epidemic. “It is equally important that the public should be sensitized that throw used masks is also very important to stop the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases that are similar how to use a mask to avoid Covid-19”, – he said, adding that people should also know that surgical gloves they used, must be destroyed to avoid reuse. He also noted that the PAP have already started an information campaign about the benefits and discarding the use of masks from the platform. However, the government and the efforts of the mass media is also needed in addition to the efforts of NPA on this issue.

Currently, three different types of masks used by the masses, N-95, three-layer and single-layer local and Chinese production of surgical masks and washable reusable cloth mask. Salman said that no one should mistakenly use the mask to use even a single family member, children, brother, wife or any other relative. It is dangerous to use a mask, he claimed.


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