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Key Points

  • ‘Making a new Mandir in the capital was contrary to the spirit of Islam’
  • ‘We support the rights of minorities, but the existing temples should be restored first
  • ‘On the territory of the temple complex of Sri Krishna Mandir will include the crematorium, accommodation for guests, common room and Parking’

New Delhi: The construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad enraged many Islamic extremists in Pakistan. Punjab Assembly speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is the statement they are categorically against the creation of the temple, saying that it is not only contrary to the spirit of Islam, and an insult to the state of Madinah’.

“Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam and the construction of a new temple in the capital against the spirit of Islam,” Elahi said, adding that after the conquest of Mecca Muhammad Hazrat with Hazrat Ali broke 360 idols in Baitullah Sharif, saying: “the truth came and falsehood vanished.”

Elahi’s statement comes after local lawyer from Islamabad, filed a petition in the Islamabad Supreme court (IHC) against the construction of the temple, said the temple is for Hindus already existed in Saidpur and the government, instead of building a new Church, you need to repair the old one.

‘No funds for the mosque, but the money allocated for the temple’

The applicant further stated that the government lacks the funds to build the mosque, but the released funds for the construction of the temple.

The Hindu community living in the capital of Pakistan is going to a new Church and the crematorium – the first in the city.

The government Imran Khan has allocated a minimum of 4 Kanal of land for construction of the temple.

During the ceremony, parliamentary Secretary for human rights, Lal Chand Malhi said the Hindu population in the capital has increased significantly over the past two decades, so it is important to make a temple for them.

Radical Islamists and extremists opposed the decision

“The Hindu community in Islamabad requires the temple for a long time. The population also increased, although a Hindu temple structures in the capital was abandoned,” mance Malhi was quoted as saying.

Minister for religious Affairs PIR Noorul Haq Qadri said that the Pakistani government will pay for the construction, which is estimated as the minimum of PKR 100 million.

News about the construction of a new Church was made in Pakistan and religious minorities, and radical Islamists and extremists have condemned the initiative, promising to speak out against the decision.

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