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New Delhi: Coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate several countries around the world the final countdown it’s over 1.08 crore cases and more deaths 5.18 rupees.

Russian President Vladimir Putin entrusts the constitutional referendum during a pandemic. The President of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro increasingly acts as a “wannabe dictator”. Meanwhile, Pakistan is increasing its military spending during a pandemic.

The seal brings you the most important in world history about the pandemic coronavirus and why they are important.

Cases rose in June by 50%, at the head of States first again

The U.S. there is an increased incidence of the syndrome by 50 percent during the month of June, and most of these cases came from States that were the first to lift restrictions and lock and restart its economy reports in The Washington Post.

“More 800,000 new cases reported across the country last month, is headed by Florida, Arizona, Texas and California are leading the country officially announced just over 2.6 million, according to the Washington Post,” the report said.

Previously, these States were among the least affected in the country.

“States that have adopted an aggressive approach to the discovery have led the country in infection spikes — along with California, the most populous in the country, where leaders were more cautious,” the report says.

In the final countdownThe United States has more than 27 lakh cases of coronavirus, and more than 1,30,000 deaths.

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Putin is directing the show for a vote during a pandemic

Russians voted overwhelmingly in favor of the constitutional amendments, giving President Vladimir Putin the opportunity to serve up to 2036, reports in New York Times.

The first results of the plebiscite showed that nearly three quarters of voters supported the constitutional changes. However, analysts wonder why Putin requires the approval of the masses of the population during a pandemic, especially when the Russian Parliament and state legislatures have ratified them.

“From a legal point of view, all this mind training,” said B. Gregory Yudin, sociologist and political theorist at the Moscow School of social and economic Sciences, New York Times.

However, he added, “this is not a meaningless procedure” because the system is “the appearance of popular support” to confer legitimacy on the decisions it has taken.

“It’s theatre, but very important and well-played in the theater,” – said Yudin.

Bolsonaro, in ‘wannabe’ dictator

The President of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro uses of the pandemic to undermine democracy at home and often causes the words and the style of Mussolini reports function Le Monde Diplomatique.

“Jair Bolsonaro, a Brazilian President in 2018, joined the action on 31 may called on the army to close Congress and the Supreme Federal court (STF). It was the fourth time he has called for military intervention by the world health organization, in which he very critically said, Covid-19 pandemic on 11 March,” the report reads.

“Before the pandemic, Brazil the mode of government was, it seemed that Adam Przeworski calls ‘stealth authoritarianism’, the gradual erosion of democracy is characterized by a slow progression, superficial observance of the law and the execution of elected leaders, and not forces external to the political. Bolsonaro used the crisis to accelerate democratic erosion,” he adds.

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Covid stranded Palestinians abroad, policy keep them there

Travel restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of coronavirus meant that many Palestinians were in foreign lands, but unlike the citizens of other countries, their ability to return home is influenced by a strange combination of international politics and pandemics reports in The Washington Post.

While Palestine is not recognized as a state in most countries of the world, his travel documents are issued to the legal entity — the Palestinian authority — in contrast to the country. “Pandemic serves to illustrate how little the Palestinian authority holds, said Tareq Baconi, an analyst at the London-based International crisis group,” the report notes

The epidemic has already reached the weak travel document of Palestine, even weaker. Since most countries refuse the visit on the basis of this document, it has To have run aground several Palestinians abroad.

Why is Pakistan spending so much money on defense?

In Pakistan with more than 2 infections of rupees, one of the most rapid cases of coronavirus, has increased defense spending by 12% during a pandemic. New opinion in Al-Jazeera scientist Ayesha Siddiqa trying to justify this step.

“Islamabad has allocated $7,85 billion on defense and just $151m on health in the budget for the 2020-2021 financial year,” says Siddiqa.

“The military believe that the decrease in expenditure on the armed forces have an impact on its ability to confront the many threats facing the country. That is why he does not want to limit your spending,” she says.

“Claiming more and more funds in the name of “national security” the military is just trying to grab more political, economic and social space for themselves to the detriment of millions of struggling citizens of Pakistan,” Siddiqa added.

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The middle East on a ‘critical’ of the pandemic: who

As in most countries in the Middle East-to relax the isolation, the world health organization (who) has stated that the region is now experiencing a “critical threshold”, reports “Al-Jazeera”.

“We are at a critical threshold in our region,’ who is the middle East head Ahmed al-Mandhari said in an online press conference. More than 80 percent of all deaths in the region were recorded in five countries: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, according to the who,” reads the report.

“The number of cases reported in June, more than the total number of cases registered within four months after the first case in the region of 29 January,” – said al-Mandhari.

The high price of cheap meat in Germany

Germany is witnessing a new outbreak of the coronavirus after there were thousands of infections from meat processing plants of the country in West Germany. This forced the country to reassess the real cost of cheap meat reports Spiegel International.

“The outbreak of the coronavirus in slaughterhouses — with 1400 cases in Rheda-wiedenbrück in the factory alone, in combination with the lockdown this week in the regions surrounding the cities Guterslöh and Warendorf — forcing us to solve not only the question of why the virus is able to spread so quickly in the slaughterhouses. He also shines the spotlight on the industry as a whole: what really happens in the meat-packing industry? What conditions workers have to endure? And is it worth it for a couple of slices of ham on a sandwich for Breakfast?” – it is noted in the report.

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Pandemic dashes hopes of a peaceful rise of China

After the reforms, initiated by the former Chinese President Deng Xiaoping, the country apply the rhetoric of “peaceful rise of China” for many years. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, the political leadership of the country ruined that rhetoric, and his actions are starting to concern some of the Asian powers reports in Asian Review Nikkei.

“When the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang made a report of government work to the Parliament in may, the word “peace” disappeared from the part that touched on reunification with Taiwan. China is aggressively claiming that he will not hesitate to use force to prevent Taiwan independence”, – stated in the report.

During a pandemic, China flexing its muscles against a number of countries in South-East Asia, Hong Kong, Australia and India.

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