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Lahore:Lahore High court chief justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Thursday referred the question of the use of the expression “the Crown say DARNA nahi, Larne high (don’t fear the crown, to fight with him) in the Islamic ideology Council is looking for your opinion. The chief justice heard the petition against the use of these words, national Newspapers, TV channels and the official sources of communication.

CJ decided that the Council will consider this issue at its next meeting, and to inform the President, Prime Minister and Supreme court about their opinions.

During the hearing, CJ said that according to the preamble of the Constitution, the supremacy belongs to Allah and the life of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) is a perfect example of the execution of the orders of Allah. Parliament received a limited supremacy in the ultimate face of the domination of Allah.

Article 2 in the Constitution explains that the supremacy of Parliament subject to the supremacy of Allah and his last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). When asked whether the views of the Islamic ideology Council has been asked to use words in speech, Federal authorities, he said he would find out how and who started to use those words.

The Deputy Prosecutor General added that no approval had been taken in Parliament. CJ recalled that the Prime Minister used those words; how can he use these words without the approval of Parliament; it seems that the government does not believe in Parliament. The people who are at the helm of Affairs should carefully pronounce the words as their words paint a national ideology, the CJ added.

The applicant’s lawyer Salman Idris acknowledged that one can not fight against the decision of Allah, but our national Newspapers, television channels and public sources of communication, using Islam and immoral words challenging the supremacy of Allah. He asked the court to prohibit the use of the words “the Crown say DARNA nahi Larna Hai”.The court also sought reply from Federal government and adjourned the hearing indefinitely.


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