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The construction of the first Hindu temple in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, were stopped by authorities after fierce opposition from extremist Islamist groups and ally of the ruling party.

Office for the development of capital (CDA), on Friday (July 3) stopped construction of a boundary wall on the plot refers to the temple, citing legal reasons, Dawn news reported.

A joint group of law enforcement agencies CDA and departments of construction management reached the temple in sector H-9/2 and directed the workers to stop construction of the border wall.

According to the report, an official of the CDA said that laws control the building of public officials clearly stated that no activity can take place to the layout of the house (map) approved.

However, according to another official of CDA, it was probably the first time that this provision was enforced, as all the owners were allowed to build a boundary wall and retain them until the formalities On approval of the map to continue.

Meanwhile, news channel of Pakistan, 92News, took credit for stopping the construction of the temple.

“Thanks to the successful efforts of the 92 news, Management of capital construction (CDA) stop the construction of a Church in Islamabad on Friday,” news channel said in the report titled “92 news the efforts will bear fruit, as CDA stop the construction of a Church in Islamabad”.

It should be noted that the construction of a Church in the Pakistani capital was against religious fanatics in the country.

A leading religious school in Pakistan issued a fatwa, or religious edict, against the construction of the temple, calling it “UN-Islamic”.

Religious parties like the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) and Jamiat Ahle hadith was also against construction Hindu temple, as according to them he was against the ideology of Pakistan.

Even the Parvez Elahi, speaker of the Assembly of Pakistan’s Punjab, said that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and the construction of a temple on their land is contrary to the spirit of Islam.


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