The closest ally of Pakistan in Southeast Asia, the land of Pak-origin in the fake pilots Scam license | Instant News

New Delhi: Malaysia Pakistan’closest ally in Southeast Asia and one of its closest partners in the OIC suspended pilots hired by airlines, which is a Pakistani license, after Islamabad it turned out that many pilots had questionable qualifications, according to media reports.

Department of civil aviation Malaysia (emotionality) said in a statement Thursday that the decision was taken after assessing all foreign pilots in Malaysia. The regulator told Reuters that at least 20 Pakistani pilots in the country.

Said emotional pilots were hired with “local operators”, for example, flight schools, flying clubs and training organisations, according to a Reuters report.

Pakistan has a total of 860 pilots, 107 of which are working for foreign airlines. Countries began grounding pilots of Pakistan.

In The European Union Aviation safety Agency also suspended Pakistan International Airlines accession to the EU for six months.

Pakistan International airlines was downgraded to a one star airline after the recent revelations fake pilot licenses.

Editor Jeffrey Thomas said: “clearly there needs to be an investigation into possible bribery and fraud related to pilot license.”

“This is very disturbing, as the IOSA audit and the country, ICAO should continue,” said Thomas.

In a statement IATA said; “We follow the reports from Pakistan regarding fake pilot’s license, which in this context constitute a serious breach in the system of licensing and control over the safety from the regulator of aviation. We are trying to get more information on this issue”.

Pakistan International airlines has fired 150 pilots on the trail Karachi the A320 crash that killed in may 98.

The Minister of aviation of Pakistan Ghulam Sarwar Khan admitted that 262 of 860 Pakistani pilots were “fake” licenses.


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