July 6, 2020: Foreign investors chamber of Commerce and industry (OICCI), the biggest camera from the point of view of economic contribution and presents the TOP 200 foreign investors in Pakistan, has published the results of the annual survey 2020, covering the opinion on environmental protection from July 2019 to June 2020.

Overall, foreign investors showed a high level of satisfaction to the rapid increase in the level of safety of the environment and appreciation for the work of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in the major business centers of Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore, enhancing the safety of satisfaction profile the two cities and bringing them on a par with other cities in the region.

Commenting on the survey results, Haroon Rashid, President of the OICCI said “smooth and professional operations during a brazen attack on Pakistan stock exchange on June 29, and restoring order in a very short time is a testimony of OICCI members confidence in the ability of Lis to professionally deal with any threat to life and property in the country.”

President OICCI added, “foreign investors are not afraid of single cases and to continue to take a holistic view of the production environment, which, OICCI members perceive very positively, showing continuous improvement”.

Respondents included the heads of the member organizations and attended 70 percent of the 200 members of OICCI, which belong to 35 countries and operate in 14 key sectors of the economy in Pakistan. It should be noted that more than two thirds of the members of OICCI have their head offices in Karachi with operations across the country. The survey was conducted from 15 may to 22 June.

Examination security OICCI 2020 indicates that foreign investors are, overall, impressive further improvements in security over the past twelve months, starting from July 2019, especially in Karachi and Lahore, with a noticeable improvement in other business centers as well.

Assessing the General situation in the field of security, 60% of respondents reported improvement in security for private and business customer, and their respective suppliers and employees.

Irfan Siddiqui, OICCI Vice President noted that “this improvement and the improvement of the security conditions in the past year, and to the continuous improvement recorded in the members of the OICCI annual security survey 2015”. He also added that “it is very encouraging that, despite numerous violations during the last twelve months, due to the Azadi March in December 2019, border tensions with India in the 3rd quarter of 2019 and the subsequent travel restriction since the end of March 2020 for COVID 19, the visit of foreign citizens visiting Pakistan for OICCI members of the business, in advance of COVID 19, showed healthy growth as more than 40% of respondents reported that more visitors than last year, with 26% there are more than 50 visitors and most of the respondents get 20 to 50 visitors.”

Visitors overseas business were mostly from China, UK, USA, UAE and other European and Asian countries.

Owing to steady improvements in security, OICCI members have reported that more than 90% of the Board and meetings of the leadership and their Pakistani business operations, including headquarters and/or regional management, held in the country.

In terms of serious crimes, 87% of respondents reported a decline compared to last year in Karachi and Lahore. However, respondents expressed concern about the increasing trend of street crimes. Overall, 37% of respondents in Karachi and 27% in Lahore reported concern about the increasing street crimes. The results of Islamabad was marked by the smallest increase in street crimes among the key business centres.

There was also a thumbs up on Fox, because, by and large, foreign investors were satisfied with the work of law enforcement, with more than 90% expressed satisfaction in dealing with Karachi and Lahore police, Sindh Rangers, Punjab police and CPLC and 84% for Sindh police.

A survey of OICCI security is very extensive and gives detailed feedback of a large number of foreign investors working in Pakistan on various aspects of business associated with security and its impact on their work, who constantly sought to diplomats and security professionals.

Founded in 1860, overseas investors chamber of Commerce and industry (OICCI), is the largest chamber of Commerce in Pakistan on the basis of economic contribution in taxes and investments of its members and a collective voice for the top 200 foreign investors in Pakistan, including more than 50 companies from the Fortune 500, which provide about one third of the total tax collection in the country and a significant part of GDP. From 35 countries and working in 14 key sectors of the economy, OICCI members are leaders not only in economic activities and investment, as well as experts in the field of technology transfer and activities of CSR.

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