Singer Meesha Shafi appealed to the Supreme court to challenge the decision of the Lahore High court in the case of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.

The case was accepted on Monday. Justice Yahya Afridi, however, recused himself from hearing the case, citing personal reasons. The bench was dissolved, and was sent a request to the chief justice Gulzar Ahmed, to form a new bench to take up the case.

Shafi, in the appeal, filed in August 2018have been appealed in High court Lahore Punjab Ombudsman (protection against harassment of women at the workplace) and the decision of the Governor to dismiss her complaint against Zafar, in which she was accused of sexual harassment.

The court, however, ordered her petition. She initially filed a complaint accusing Zafar of persecution with the regional Ombudsman, who rejected it for technical reasons.

The reason for the resignation was that she and Zafar “have no relationship employer-employee.”Then Shafi appealed the decision with the Governor of the Punjab. He, however, upheld the decision of the Ombudsman in July 2018, rejecting her request for “technical reasons”.

In April 2018, Shafi took to Twitter to accuse Zafar physically harassed her on more than one occasion’.“It happened to me, despite the fact that I am a strong, accomplished woman, who tell her,” she said.

In response, Zafar filed a libel suit against Shafi. He denied the allegations and wants her to repair the damage to his reputation and leveling false accusations against him.


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