Lahore: the drug regulatory authority of Pakistan (DRAP) announced the Lahore High court that there are 10,519 injection Actemra in the country Covid-19 patients.

In a report filed after a petition challenged the lack of essential injections, authorities said that before the pandemic broke out, flow injection Actemra in the country was 400 per month and an adequate supply is available.

However, he said, after a pandemic hit the country, the stock started depleting very quickly, which led to the deficit. Drape took up the matter with medicine marketing company, M/s Roche, and directed him to give an injection in the country for the usefulness of the Covid-19 patients.

She further stated that 2500 vials of Actemra were imported in may, 8,301 in the beginning of June and 10,000 in a couple of weeks and another 5,000 bottles in the process.

“Currently 10,519 vials of Actemra in stock to be used for Covid-19 patients and drape extremely vigilant about his presence,” the report says.

He noted that the national task force has been activated to contain all hoarders, mafias and stokers, so that the injection had not been sold on the black market. The injections were delivered directly to patients in the DRA-mandated prices prescribed by the doctors.

Justice Sajid Mahmood Sethi is set to consideration of the application on Tuesday (Today).

The Chairman of the judicial Board activism advocate Azhar Siddique filed the petition, saying that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, but the prices for masks and other necessary items skyrocketed. Price of one bag of pill is chloroquine made up RS3,000, while the price Acterma went to PC1 million.

The applicant claimed that the DRAP has failed to control the prices of these items and asks the court to take action against those responsible and bring the price of these medicines and goods at an affordable level.

Published in dawn, July 7, 2020


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