Islamabad: Pakistan Ulema Council (see figure a) Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi said on Friday that the Constitution of Pakistan categorically certain rights for Muslims and non-Muslims and of all minorities living in Pakistan with equal rights as the majority population.

“Non-Muslim population of Pakistan, because the freedom of a country plays a very positive and effective role for stability in Pakistan,” he said during a conversation here, the employees of mass media. Tahir Ashrafi said that the question about the temple of Islamabad to the court and to the Islamic ideology Council, adding that the Darul AFTA of Pakistan and the Pakistan Ulema Council will present its proposals to the Council. “Non-Muslims in Pakistan under the protection and enjoy all rights as categorically defined in the Constitution of Pakistan,” he said.

Tahir Ashrafi said dozens of places of worship were established in the country for minorities, adding that in recent years, the government has built Kartarpur corridor for pilgrims, Sikhs and many other places of worship were built across the country.

He also announced that the rice coordinated with the support of the world peace Council held in Islamabad, which will be attended by the representatives of various religious schools. “The Convention will also issue a joint Declaration on the results of the present Convention the General situation in the country,” he said. The SCE chair also stressed that any organization, group or individual will not be allowed in Pakistan to exercise the rights of the minorities living in the country.

Answering a question, Tahir Ashrafi said that some elements in collusion in the past accused their opponents of blasphemy for its own interests, adding that in the past two years, as many as 26 cases of blasphemy resolved by peaceful negotiations.

He said that strict measures should be taken against the elements who invented the accusation of blasphemy against their opponents in pursuit of self-interest. He said that the Ulema Council Muthahida was resolved 105 cases last year. Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi said Crowe and the Board of Ulema Muthahida own clear position that the charges of blasphemy against innocent people will not be ratified.


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