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During the current session of the Assembly of Punjab, there has been much talk in the corridors and hallways of great change in the province and forward bloc in PML-N.

As Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Lahore, the chief Minister Usman Buzdar came under pressure in connection with the departure from the province, two key officials of his team, secretarial services, Dr Shoaib Akbar and Commissioner of Lahore Asif Bilal Lodhi and the resignation of the provincial Minister Malik Asad Khokhar intensify speculation about more change.

However, forces seeking to remove Buzdar from the post of chief Minister are facing serious difficulties in finding alternatives. In PTI and its allies, not a single name matched. Applicants are unable to come up with a common agenda and strategy.

As reported, the 10 members of the PML-Q, 15 of PTI group of like-minded people and five independent members are important participants in the political changes in Punjab. A simple majority in the 371-member Punjab Assembly requires 186 members. Currently, PTI has 181 members in the Assembly and without the PML-q, there can be no change in the Punjab. Other stakeholders seem to be quietly watching the situation.

There are reports of 10 PML-N members joining the front block in the Assembly of Punjab. But the Eighteenth amendment limits the role of gender-the intersection of the legislators. In accordance with article 63A of the Constitution, any member of the Assembly will be disqualified if he or she votes in favor of or against the leader of the house in violation of the instructions of the parliamentary leader of his party.

Thus, the question about the political benefits of forming a forward bloc in PML-N. members asked each other about development. PML-N forward block has a majority of deputies who voted for the Chaudhry Parvez Elahi in the election of the speaker because of personal connections. Twelve members of the PML-N had voted for Parvez Elahi. Analysts believe that he may also become a candidate for the highest office in the province.

15 members of the group of like-minded people in PTI will play an important role in the current situation. The panel sided with the chief Minister Buzdar in a row involving the former chief Secretary Azam Suleiman, but now, it seems, was estranged from him.

The members also expressed their concerns at a meeting with Zulfi Bukhari, special assistant to the Prime Minister. The NHS also issued notice to Ghazfar chin Abbas, head of the group and he appealed to the High court against the notice. The group requires the separation of power in any possible changes in Punjab. Ex-doctor secretarial services Shoaib persuaded groups Khayal Hum for a meeting with the chief Minister.

Published in the Express Tribune, 21 JulySt, 2020

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