High court of Islamabad on Friday ordered the government to lift the ban on Battlegrounds online game by PlayerUnknown (PUBG). | Instant News

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The decision on the lifting of the ban was announced justice Amir Farooq heard the petition against the ban of the game.

The decision comes the day after Pakistan body connection said that PUBG it will be blocked in Pakistan.

In a statement published on Twitter, the country’s telecommunications and Internet regulator said it reached the decision to save the game banned after a detailed hearing held in the PTA room July 9, on the route of the Lahore High court.

He said that the hearings were attended by other interested parties.

OTA said that he also appealed to the leadership PUBG to share data about sessions and users PUBG in Pakistan and control of the company. The response from PUBG expected, he said.

On 1 July, the BSA announced its decision to temporarily suspend PUBG game in the country after he received several complaints from different sectors of society.

The authority stated that it had received numerous complaints PUBG in which it was stated that the game is addictive, wasting time, and represents a major negative impact on physical and psychological health of children.

According to recent media reports, the cases of suicides attributed to PUBG games have also been reported.

The Lahore High court also directed the PTA to understand the issue and resolve the issue after hearing the plaintiffs.

The authority also sought the views of the public to reach any decision about the online game.

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