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Cm agrees to provide relief to the masses through mega projects | Instant News



Lahore – chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar on Sunday said that work on several major projects continue to assist the citizens of Lahore.

In a press statement released on Sunday, he said that the government had embarked on such projects, which would provide them assistance in real sense.

He stressed that neither the government, PTI has done the mental calculations and have not started artificial or exhibition projects.

Buzdar said that the government will build a state-of-the-art hospital adjacent to the University of Punjab and added that the latest treatment facilities will be submitted to the Lahorites.

He said that the 600-bed state-of-the-art mother and child medical centre is nearing completion at the Hospital Ganga RAM.

He argued that the government will complete the project the underpass Firdous market in record time to reduce the amount of traffic in Lahore.

He said that in order to use rain water, large underground water reserves of the country is built.

He stressed that the stored rainwater can be used for irrigation and other purposes.

Cm also said that the problems of water drainage will be solved with the construction of a drain from Haji camp to the river Ravi.

He noted that he monitors the progress of ongoing development projects in the provincial cities, including Lahore.

He regrets that the development in the past was done only on paper and added that the PTI government, on the contrary believes that in carrying out practical steps.

He said that at present, development was also seen on the ground, and vowed that the PTI government is pursuing its vision to ensure the progress of the people.

Cm said that the development projects have been initiated in backward areas and in major cities after ascertaining the needs of the public.

He stressed that in the backward areas of southern Punjab are of equal importance in the way of progress. He stressed that the government of Punjab began to work at various special economic zones (SEZ) in the last two years.

He said that the Punjab government is soon going to begin work on a special economic zone in Bahawalpur.

Buzdar said, what are we doing to mothers and children’s cardiology clinic and hospital in South Punjab.

Cm promised that any city, district or village of Punjab will stay deprived of the fruits of progress.



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