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KARACHI – Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chapter Karachi President and Sindh Assembly Member Khurram Sher Zaman said that billions of rupees are released each year to clean waterways in megacity, and there are still no results.

Addressing a press conference here at the Insaf House on Tuesday, he said that even though it was raining in only two districts in the provincial capital, still the whole city turned into a puddle.

Zaman was flanked by members of the Sindh Arsalan Taj Assembly, Bilal Ghaffar, Adeel Ahmed, PTI Vice President Karachi, Captain (r) Rizwan Khan and PTI leader Imran Siddiqui on the occasion.

The president of the PTI Karachi accused the PPP ministers of making false statements about the matter in the media. “The World Bank (WB) has given Rs10 billion to the Sindh government to clean big city waterways,” he said, adding, “The provincial government must be responsible for that.”

He said it was claimed that Rs33 billion was spent on various sectors in Sindh, but the results were not visible.

Zaman regretted that the Karachi Commissioner also remained absent during the rain.

He further said that now the conspiracy is being postponed to delay the selection of local bodies. “Bilawal Zardari treats Karachi like a stepmother,” he said, adding that PPP was no longer a democratic party; its job is only to suck people’s blood in the name of democracy.

“Megacity of Karachi needs a strong local government system,” concluded the PTI leader.

Halim Adil Shaikh visits the City of Orangi:

PTI Central Vice President and Sindh Assembly Haleem member Adil Shaikh on Tuesday visited Orangi Town to assess the losses suffered by its residents due to heavy rains in their area.

On that occasion, Shaikh in particular met with the family of Arif Qureshi, a young man who lost his life due to the motor where he sat fell into the overflowing sewer.

Regretting that Qureshi, the only family member who earns income, cannot be taken alive from the channel due to the negligence of the provincial government, PTI leaders say this cannot be allowed to continue.

He, on that occasion, convinced a grieving family, consisting of deceased parents, a widow and three small children, on regular financial assistance.

Reiterating that the provincial government will be responsible for their mistakes, Halim Adil Shaikh also urged the general public to be very careful when choosing their representatives.


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