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Lahore – in accordance with the instructions of the inspector-General of police (GIP), Punjab Shoaib Dastgir plenary meeting was held in the Central police office (SRO) in relation to the provision of 500 new vehicles for the police, which led addl IG of logistics and purchasing Amir Ali Malik and CCPO Lahore, all data and DPOs of the province participated via a video link.

In the session, Sarfaraz dig the body of Akbar Akbar Nasir Khan Nasir Khan and SSP (MT) road transport Asad Khan were also present.

MT SSP Asad Sarfaraz Khan briefed the officers about the imaginary formula of distribution of funds among the police and said that a mechanism for the distribution of new cars among the police districts was carried out taking into account the crime, the proportion of the population, the area police station, the geography and the existing condition of the transport fleet in the district.

upon induction of these new vehicles in the fleet areas, the current proportion of 30 percent of assets must be increased to 59 percent.

Addl IG of logistics and purchasing Amir Ali Malik while talking with CCPO Lahore and all data NSP OI said that all officers should submit their recommendations and proposals in relation to the formula for the allocation of vehicles for the logistics branch Central police office within one week.

He further noted that thanks to the efforts of Shoaib IG Punjab Dastgir, providing 500 new vehicles for police stations, a clear step by the government of Punjab, under which operational activities, patrol camps and other professional duties will be significantly improved.

He further noted that the overall performance and effectiveness will be improved with the provision of new cars and the process of liquidation of professional criminals and the protection of property and people’s lives.

In session, all employees expressed their opinions towards the issues.


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