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Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched an ambitious Rs1,113 billion development and rehabilitation program for Karachi, which will focus on water supply, sewers, solid waste management, water drainage, roads and mass transit projects such as the Karachi Circular Railways.

In addition, he has rightly formed a Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee (‘PCIC’) which will be chaired by the Chief Minister of Sindh.

Interestingly, the PCIC chairman who was nominated came from the second most important opposition party rather than being a PTI official.

Nonetheless, these 2 initiatives are steps in the right direction (for Karachi) and I predict that they could even result in some kind of PTI-PPP reconciliation in the future.

May I ask the PM and the head of PCIC to find out both spoilers in the form of some established mafia and urban extractors in the form of some unscrupulous public contractor, delivering projects that are incomplete, delayed, damaged, or too expensive.

It is time for national public contracts to be awarded based on merit; It is suggested that the patriotic element of the constituency, where the project is being implemented, should seek to provide timely feedback or information to the government on how clear, tangible and efficient their project is.




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