Pakistan supports India’s liberal line of the release of Ram Bhakts in the Babri demolition case | Instant News

Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Wednesday ‘cursed‘that liberation of 32 Ram Bhakts accused of plotting to overthrow a disputed structure called the ‘Masjid Babri’ in Ayodhya. In a statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry accused India’s Supreme Court of taking a “wrong direction” in Ram Janmabhoomi’s ruling in which the top court ruled in favor of Ram Mandir.

Referring to the ruling as ‘partisan’, Pakistan’s foreign ministry claims that yesterday’s acquittal by the CBI court even contradicts the SC’s ruling that demolition is a violation of law. Pakistan’s foreign ministry, such as ‘Liberal’ India, appears to have deliberately misinterpreted the ruling. The CBI Court held that the demolition was not a conspiracy that was premeditated and was spontaneous in nature. The CBI court did not dispute the demolition.

A further spread lies in the CAA, where India accelerates Indian citizenship to persecute religious minorities in neighboring Islamic countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Pakistan accuses India of ‘depriving Muslims of suffrage’. Pakistan further follows India’s ‘liberal’ lines and accuses India of carrying out an ‘anti-Muslim’ agenda in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and claims the BJP is trying to ‘change the demographic structure’.

Pakistan echoes Indian liberals

This is not the first time Pakistan has spoken the same language as Indian ‘liberals’. In June this year, Imran Khan panicked after the Indian government began issuing domicile certificate to the residents of the newly carved Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory. As well as, immediately after the repeal of Article 370 which made the former state of Jammu & Kashmir an integral part of India, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed concern over violence in Kashmir despite the Indian government repeatedly insisting that the situation in the Valley is peaceful. Pakistan took that statement to continue their perverted narrative on this issue. Priyanka Gandhi also responded to this problem. Significantly, he used the opportunity of Eid to peddle his agenda.

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