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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Nearly more than two weeks, the Bhara Kahu region in the Federal Capital will be tightly closed, a sign of relief for locals who experience anxiety and fear for days after Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks hit the entire area.

On his official Twitter account, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat expressed that hope Bhara Kahu will be sealed tomorrow (Tuesday).

The area became the center of attention when a foreign member of 13 members of the Tableeghi Jamaat who lived in a local mosque tested positive for the Corona virus, and he also caused the transmission of the virus to his colleagues.

The news caught the attention of the mainstream media and the district government in a swift reaction on March 21 taking infected people to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and sealing them. two mosques where Jamaat Tableeghi remains for peaching.

However, the situation worsened when the test reports of other group members were also found positive. As a result, all Bhara Kahu was sealed on March 23 and Pakistani Army, Rangers Police and Islamabad personnel were deployed in and around the area.

While giving good news on Twitter, Hamza Shafqaat said that all members of the infected Jamaat Tableeghi had now recovered from the virus. He said that they would return to their homes with protective measures tomorrow.

Worth noting Shahzad City and Rimsha Colony on Islamabad H-9 also closed on March 26 after several Coronavirus Cases were detected there. Then on April 1, after confirming that the appearance of a suspected case was not possible in the Rimsha Colony, the District Judge issued a directive to erase the area. However, the fate of the City of Shahzad is unknown.

Furthermore, Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat said on Twitter that a total of 82 people have so far tested positive in Islamabad. He said that only 12 of them had been hospitalized while the rest were without serious symptoms and were quarantined at home. He added that no virus deaths had occurred in the Capital City Region of Islamabad (ICT).

Hamza Shafqaat also said that we had inspected more than 71,000 homes and tested 2,700 people in ICT.

“Our extensive field surveys and contact tracing have enabled us to limit the virus. Our team works day and night to keep this virus contained. At present, the government has chosen Islamabad only to accept foreign flights. There is no other city that is trusted with this task, “he tweeted.

The Deputy Commissioner said that we have managed seven flights to date with more than 1,500 passengers. He said that 300 passengers were quarantined at this time and we treated them with the best hospitality in the resources that were given the least. He said that 22 arrivals from Istanbul were tested positive while the rest were clear.

“We have collected their data and shared it with all provinces. If we can save Coronavirus until May 4, epidemiologists tell me that we will win the first battle. Pls Islamabad will cooperate with us for another month, “he said.

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