‘Assalaam Alaikum! That is the Karachi management welcomed Air India. We are happy with you. ‘- Information | Instant News

Air India recently found a surprising gift from Pakistan’s Air Site Visitors Watch (ATC).

Air India works certain flights from India to Frankfurt by reducing supplies and evacuating European citizens, who have been stranded in India when the corona virus swept across continents, killed hundreds of thousands and paralyzed passenger aircraft systems that crossed the world.

“That is a second pride for me besides the complete Air India crew after we heard from ATC Pakistan praising our special flight operations to Europe,” one of the many senior captains of certain flights who was fully informed of ANI.

“When we entered the Pakistan Aviation Data Area (FIR) and the Pakistan Air Site Visitor Supervisor (ATC) welcomed us with ‘Assalaam Alaikum!’ That’s the Karachi management who welcomed Air India for a reduction flight to Frankfurt, “the senior captain quoted Pakistan. ATC said.

“Verify that you are working on a reduction flight for Frankfurt,” Mr. ATC added.

“AFFIRM,” said the captain of Air India in Pakistani airspace.

“You might be cleared immediately to get out of the estimated level of Kebud requests across the Kebud (Exit),” get a response here from ATC.

The Air India Captain replied, saying, “Clean Kebud instantly, Thank you.”

Hearing this, ATC Pakistan gave a prize at Air India.

“We are happy with you that in a pandemic you are working, Good Luck!”

“Thank you very much,” replied the captain of the Indian national service.

In addition, when the AI ​​captain, who was in charge of certain flights, asked Pakistan’s ATC that he did not get the next radar for Iranian airspace, Pakistan delivered the location of the Indian jet to Tehran airspace and offered details of 2 AI-specific flights.

Many crew members AI Boeing-777 and Boeing 787 have been deployed for special evacuation flights for European and Canadian residents from Mumbai and Delhi.

Before leaving from the Mumbai airport, the ATC there, in addition to giving permission to praise national service efforts in the midst of the disaster, said “we are happy with you”.

The captain also responded again by stating that they also enjoyed working with ATC and all the different companies as an indication of mutual respect.

After Pakistani airspace, AI flights entered Iran. Because the captain told ANI, it did not happen at all earlier than in his entire pilot profession that the Middle Eastern nation had provided a direct route of more than 1,000 miles.

“The first time in my entire profession as a pilot, Iran provided a direct route of about 1000 miles which was a privilege that was loved as a particular flight, especially in the current tense conditions in Iranian airspace,” he said.

Iran almost never provides a direct route to any of the airways because Iran’s direct airspace is a reserve that is kept strictly for its defense functions. Before leaving Iranian airspace, the ATC there also hopes we are ‘the most effective’, “the AI ​​captain told ANI.

After Iran, AI flights specifically entered the Turkish airspace after Germany. “All ATCs from Bombay to Frankfurt welcome Air India’s special flights and hope we are very proud,” said the Captain.

2 Air India flights specifically flew out Europeans and Canadians displaced from Mumbai. All crew members and pilots wear COVID-19 clothes that are needed for more than 20 hours in a row (to / from and floor time in Frankfurt). They will stay in quarantine alone for 14 days.

To stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, India has introduced 21 days of locking and many international citizens remain stranded in a number of Indian components.

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