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A man who recently welcomed his baby revealed that his name confused those around him. The doctors who gave birth to the baby Jimmy Korona refused to believe that the baby’s name was Korona and he must have given this surname to the baby as a joke due to the current coronavirus outbreak.

‘People laughed and thought my name was a joke,’ said a man named Jimmy Korona

According to a report by The Mirror, 38-year-old Jimmy Korona said he had to carry proof of identity wherever he went and even when he went to see his son after he was born. People thought he was doing a joke when he said his name. He also stated that he has never had this problem with his name in the past, but since the Coronavirus pandemic, Jimmy Korona has had problems with doctors, bar staff, and delivery people who all refuse to believe his name is Korona. The man named Korona also mentioned that he had to show his ID to doctors after giving birth to the baby because they refused to believe that he was serious.

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Jimmy Korona also stated that the people at the pub came and told him that they did not believe that his name was Korona and that no one believed except those who had known him for years. Therefore, now he shows his bank card or passport to prove that Jimmy Korona has always been his name. She shares her feelings about her name and states that it feels weird when she hears her name everywhere.

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Jimmy Korona also mentioned that his name caused some problems in his job as well when delivery drivers did not believe they had to deliver an order signed by a person named Korona. The drivers asked their office colleagues if they were planning to prank them. However, Jimmy is pleased that none of them refuse to make the delivery and in the end, he states that the effort he has to make to prove that his name is really crazy.

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