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ISLAMABAD, Oct 26 (APP): Minister of Parliament Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan assured Monday that the current government will not compromise on equal rights in Balochistan province and that it is an integral part of the country.

Speaking to a private news channel, Ali Muhammad in response to PDM leader Owais Noorani’s remarks said the opposition was advancing India’s agenda and warned them to avoid making such statements against Balochistan because it is a part of us that we cannot separate. That.

He said the opposition should speak of holiness and respect for the Prophet (saw) in public meetings rather than slandering state institutions.

He said the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by Prime Minister Imran Khan was committed to putting countries including Balochistan on the path of economic progress and prosperity.

Ali Muhammad said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would lead the country out of the current crisis and asked the country to support Imran Khan adding that the prime minister is an honest person.

He accused the opposition of “blackmailing” his government and threatening to overthrow his government just to get help with the ongoing accountability process, adding that those targeting institutions will not succeed in their evil designs.

He said that state institutions and all provinces are our pride and we will thwart any conspiracy against them.

Ali Muhammad further condemned the French incitement to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, warning that these repeated insults sparked resentment among the public.

He also urged all Muslim countries that we should all boycott all who come from France because such practices injure the sentiments of billions of Muslims and amount to attacks on religious symbols and beliefs.

He said the continuation of these acts of humiliation would damage France’s relations with Islamic countries.

He also urged the United Nations to pay attention and take action against hate-based narratives against Islam.

He said no one has the right to hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims under the clothes of freedom of expression.

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