imran khan: While acknowledging that Pakistan’s economy is deteriorating.. Imran’s sensational comments about petrol prices in India – imran khan admits he doesn’t have enough money to run pakistan and compares with Indian fuel prices | Instant News


  • Cousin choked with financial difficulties.
  • Imran is ready to raise fuel prices.
  • Comments that fuel prices are twice as high in India than in Pakistan.

Popularity is on the rise in Pakistan as the country is plunged into a deep financial crisis. In this context, the Prime Minister of Pakistan on the economic situation of the country Imran Khan Key comments made. Imran Khan himself revealed that the country’s economic situation was worse. He was speaking at the inauguration of the Track and Trace System at the Federal Revenue Bureau in Islamabad on Tuesday. On this occasion, the country’s economy is mentioned.

‘The biggest problem in our country is that we don’t have the funds to advance the country. That’s why we have to go into debt,” said Imran. Imran Khan commented that the debt burden is increasing and the state is not collecting taxes properly, which has become a ‘national security’ issue.

He criticized the previous government for taking on huge debts. The Prime Minister expressed concern that the budget could not be allocated for public welfare due to lack of financial resources. He said the government had borrowed $3.8 billion in the past four months. He appealed to the people to pay taxes to get Pakistan out of this debt trap.

Imran Khan also demanded that people be allowed to increase the price of gasoline and diesel. He said there was a need to raise gasoline prices to tackle the escalating debt crisis. Moreover, current prices in Pakistan are comparable to prices in India and Bangladesh. “The price of fuel in Pakistan is lower than in other countries,” he said.

‘If fuel prices rise, the country’s economy will improve. fuel price I tell you that if we don’t increase it, otherwise our debt will increase. But compared to India, gasoline sells for Rs 250 per liter in our currency and Rs 200 per liter in Bangladesh. Imran Khan sells for Rs. 138 per liter in Pakistan. Rupee Pak is worth 44 paise in India.

Pakistan has a population of 22 crore, of which only 30 lakhs pay taxes, said Shaukat Tarin, the country’s economic adviser. Notices were also issued for 15 lakhs of them demanding immediate payment of taxes or strict action.


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