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A recent report from the Federal Investigation Agency on the sugar and wheat crisis has created another shame for the government besides flying in the face of Imran Khan’s high demands regarding the elimination of corruption.

Amazing reports have revealed that Jahangir Tareen of PTI, an ally of the government of Moonis Elahi and brother of Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar benefited from a crisis that created huge difficulties for the masses. Meanwhile, opposition leaders also accuse these people of selling at exorbitant prices.

PTI supporters who are rather gullible, who always put their trust in Khan’s perfect character, seem to be thrown by revelation. The mavericks are struggling to give a unique round by saying that the head of PTI deserves an eulogy for making the report publicized. They argue this shows that Khan cannot be forced to abandon principled attitudes. However, it has not been seen who made the investigation known to the public.

Reminder to everyone: Wajid Zia, Director General of the FIA ​​is now also part of the Panama Leakage JIT. His existence was hated by the ruling elite at the time, but he succeeded in investigating this issue, which led to the disqualification and subsequent arrest of the head of PML-N. Nawaz with all his might and power failed to stop Zia from conducting an investigation. Someone can read what he will do in this regard.

Pragmatic supporters of Kaptaan might entice themselves to believe that he has a unanimous determination to reveal the facts in the report but detractors will argue that if PM Khan is really serious about taking into account the corrupt elements of his party then why is no action visible . against several other politicians and a number of close friends of Imran. They will show that Kaptaan gave full support to Jehangir Tareen after the Supreme Court disqualified him nearly two years ago. Critics argue that it might be that Kaptaan might be pushed towards a situation where he had no choice but to make an open report reluctantly.

This reluctance is also seen in the delay tactics chosen by Khan to be employed. Instead of taking immediate action against those responsible, he has postponed any process until the forensic audit report is conducted. It is interesting to note that the PM has been consistent in demanding action against the N league and PPP even in the absence of incriminating reports. Former prime minister Shahid Khaqaan Abbasi, PML-N supporter Ahsan Iqbal, Nawaz confidante Khaawja Saad Rafiq, former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah and many other PML-N leaders spent time in jail without concrete evidence or incriminating reports. Imran Khan was also said to be upset when several N League veterans were released by the court on bail.

PML-N was very happy with the contents of the report, cleverly selected only those parts that blamed PTI. This was demonstrated by Firdous Ashiq Awan who said that the same report also accused Salman Shahbaz of receiving massive subsidies from the government during the PML-N term, and had asked whether Shahbaz Sharif would bring back his son to face accountability. This is also a PML-N test. If the party believes in the truth of the report, then the party must also permit action against its leaders, bringing back those who have sought protection abroad.

PML-N cannot claim innocence. In fact, people affiliated with various interest groups have a presence on all parties. People’s memories are not so weak that they will forget Khusro Bakhtiyar’s political affiliation only a few years ago. Chaudhary Munir from the Nawaz party and the Omni Group, allegedly affiliated with former President Asif Ali Zardari, did not miss the opportunity to print money from the people and benefit from government subsidies.

None of them called for enough moral courage to refuse the subsidies given to them from the proceeds of the labors of the common people. The report has exposed a link between countries and their class characters. Not only the sugar mafia benefited by the finance minister but textiles, construction, the stock exchange and other interest groups have also actively robbed the country.

Can the Prime Minister mention even a single worker who might benefit from recent assistance to bathe in construction tycoons? How many millions of hard-working people living in slums of Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and other textile areas have witnessed an increase in their standard of living after repeated bailout packages given by each government to textile factory owners? How much assistance has been received by ordinary citizens of this country from the considerable financial assistance provided by the prime minister of our starving people to the kings of the Pakistan Stock Exchange? Which free market principle, supported by Imran Khan’s religion, allows such subsidies and bailout packages? If people are left to depend on market forces, why do these greedy capitalists and blood-sucking entrepreneurs have to be supported by a cash-strapped economy?

It is a shame that when our doctors and paramedic staff risk their lives to save the country’s future, fight deadly pandemics without PPE, our chief executive distributes public money to those who always turn stingy in a crisis. Since the Structural Adjustment Program in the 1980s, the state has removed a number of subsidies intended to benefit poor people in the country, but the country has continued to give luxury gifts to the rich. From the dictator Zia to the democrat Zardari and from Nawaz to Mr. Clean, everyone has put down this capital ruler. It is time we end this subsidy.

Anyone who is interested in doing business must compete in a cruel market that advocates against government interference in economic affairs. The state must take back these subsidies, in addition to investigating the history of such assistance in the past, recovering money from beneficiaries with interest and directing it to repair hospitals and health facilities. If PML-N and PPP really want to prove that they are different from PTI, they must ask their party people to return all subsidies and money generated from the crisis. For the future, the way forward lies in eliminating all subsidies for the rich.

The writer is a freelance journalist.

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