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LAHORE: Punjab Food Minister Samiullah Chaudhry on Monday resigned his post amid a flour and sugar scandal, ARY News reported.

The Punjab food minister submitted his resignation to Chief Minister Usman Buzdar during a meeting in Lahore.

His resignation came after a report by the Federal Investigation Agency claimed that the Punjab food department failed to produce a process for product demand and supply.

The report stated that the Punjab Food Department could not control the flour crisis and food minister Samiullah Chaudhry did not take steps in controlling price increases.

The report revealed PTI supporters Jahangir Khan Tareen, brother of Food Minister Khusro Bakhtiyar, and PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi were among the beneficiaries of the sugar crisis that had taken serious casualties to the community, especially the poor.

The Punjab Food Department dragged its feet to maintain sufficient grain stocks in the province and also failed to address demand and supply mechanisms, he said, adding the department did not make timely decisions to improve the situation.

Samiullah Chaudhry said that baseless accusations were leveled against him and he presented himself for accountability in each forum.

“I present myself for accountability in every forum,” said Samiullah.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that a preliminary report on the sudden increase in sugar and wheat prices had been released immediately without changes and disruptions.

Bringing to Twitter PM Imran Khan said that he was waiting for a detailed forensic report now by the high-powered commission, which will come out on April 25.

“I am waiting for a detailed forensic report now by the high-powered commission, which will come out on April 25, before taking action. God willing, after these reports come out, there is no strong lobby that can benefit at the expense of our public, “he said in a Tweet.



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