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KARACHI: The port of Karachi handled 256,523 tonnes of cargo consisting of 146,737 tonnes of imported cargo and 109,786 tonnes of export cargo including 5,893 loading and unloading containers during the last 48 hours ending at 7am on Monday.

The total imported cargo of 146,737 tons consisting of 59,279 tons of container cargo; 5,887 tons of bulk cargo; 8,078 tons of DAP; 34,830 tons of wheat; 2,220 tonnes of phosphate rock and 36,443 tonnes of oil / liquid cargo. The total export cargo of 109,786 tons consists of 78,858 tons of container cargo and 30,928 tons of clinker.

A total of 5,893 containers consisting of 2,079 imported containers and 3,814 export containers were handled during the last 24 hours on Monday.

The breakdown of imported containers showed 504 20-load containers and 743 40-load containers, while 03 out of 20 and 43 40 empty containers, while export containers showed 1,065 20-plus containers and 522 40-load containers while 499 20 40s and 603 empty containers handled during working hours.

There are eleven ships namely MSC Jasmine, Nordmed, AS Sicilia, Cosco Kaohsiung, Northern Dedication, AS Sophia, PS Valletta, MT Shalamar, Chem Amsterdam, Sunray and Aggelos-B, each of which sails carrying containers, oil tanker, chemical, mogas and general cargo to sea during the reported period.

There are ten ships viz. CMA CGM Fidelio, Esperanza-N, AS Sophia, Nordmed, X-Press Guernsey, MT Lahore, Chem Amsterdam, Team Challenge, STI Memphis and Wadi Feran each carrying containers, oil tankers, phosphates and clinker at the dock.

There are six ships namely CMA CGM Fidelio, Esperanza-N, X-Press Guernsey, STI Memphis, Arrow Lady and Marianne Danica each carrying containers, oil tankers, wheat and general cargo which are expected to sail on Monday.

There are three ships namely. CMA CGM Moliere, OEL Kedarnath and Densa Jaguar each carrying a container and wheat will arrive on Monday while the eight ships namely. Tommi Ritscher, TDO Fortune, Pacific Dwan, GS Future, Ginga Saker, Mohar, Princess Sama and Lada carrying containers, oil tankers, cement, white spirit and general cargo respectively are expected to arrive on Tuesday.


Cargo volume of 192,209 tonnes consisting of 157,078 tonnes of imported cargo and 35,131 tonnes of export cargo including 3,942 loading and unloading containers (TEUs) was handled at Port Qasim over the past 24 hours on Monday.

Total imported cargo 157,078 tonnes including 66,719 tonnes of coal; 27,648 tonnes of mogas; 11,160 tons of canola; 6,000 tonnes of palm oil; 4,397 tons of chemicals; 1,387 tonnes of LPG and 39,767 tonnes of container cargo.

The total export cargo was 35,131 tonnes including 35,131 tonnes for container cargo.

A total of 3,942 containers consisting of 2,093 imported containers and 1,849 export containers were handled during the past 24 hours on Monday.

Three ships, namely Cape Male, MSC Pilar and Eva Usuki, each carrying containers and palm oil went to sea on Thursday morning, while three ships namely MSC Jasmine, Star Fighter and Baliche, each carrying containers and coal, are expected to sailed on the same ship. daytime.

Eleven ships have been docked for loading and unloading containers, coal, cement, canola, LPG, mogas and palm oil respectively at Qasim Port during the last 24 hours.

Twenty one ships were in port outside Port Qasim during the last 24 hours.

There are five ships namely. Maersk Bentonville, MSC Silvana, STH Montreal, African Sterling and Mega-1 carrying containers, coal and palm oil are expected to dock at Qasim International Container Terminal, Pakistan International Bulk Terminal and Liquid Cargo Terminal respectively on Monday.

There are three ships namely Cape Male, MSC Pilar and Eva Usuki, each of which transports containers and palm oil due to arrive on Monday, while two ships, MSC Giulia and Maersk Atlanta, which carry containers are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

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