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Who here is all fitness and exercise? Even if you don’t, slacking off isn’t good. Even though skipping one or two exercises might be considered fine, not going to the gym and staying active is not important. If you are a resident of Karachi, you have some great options. In recent years, Karachi residents have been active in the fitness arena, hence new gyms have only begun to appear.

Not just ordinary fitness and cardio type, but a fitness center in Karachi now offers various fitness programs including Zumba, strength training, personal training, and MMA to Crossfit among others. If you are curious now or have been looking for some of the best gym choices in Karachi, here are our favorite gyms that you can invest in.


Core has been on the fitness scene for some time, but it is definitely a pioneer with modern programs for fitness enthusiasts and everyone else. This is one place that is definitely worth your time and money. They have introduced internationally recognized exercises such as Stability Ball, Indoor Cycling, TRX suspension and Pre / Post-Christmas rehabilitation.

You can choose your fitness program from the various programs and classes available. Certified instructors will be available to help you through each step. Overall, this is one of the best we recommend that you buy yourself a membership.


One of the coolest workouts for women who want a gym for all women without being interrupted after certain hours are over. They have group classes and personal training ranging from aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, kickboxing and several other exercises.

Studio X has ruled the fitness industry since early 2003, so we suggest you choose this one if you want to get good conditions without sacrificing standards, cleanliness or quality.


With a community of certified trainers, MUV Base is your fitness center on the go. This is an unconventional gym, which breaks regular fitness barriers in Pakistan. They revolutionized exercise routines and have Kore Fitness – a traditional fitness center with all the equipment – if you want to pair unconventional with conventional for your exercise routine.

They offer a variety of classes including Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, strength training, and Aerial Yoga. You can join the program depending on your level of fitness.


This is one of the largest fitness clubs in Pakistan with Crossfit, MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing facilities. This is the whole building and not just the floor like the other gyms out there. This means you get endless fitness options from trainers to personalized groups and programs. If you are looking for more than exercise, it has a restaurant food diet, protein shakes, and organic food. You can also take advantage of the Healthy Meal at Door Step service.

If you have a baby, there is also a daycare and female massage therapist to help you with a sick body. This is definitely one of the coolest places you can follow for fitness training.


Velocity is not just about fitness, but more about awareness and brain training that is paired together. They offer mixed sessions and special classes for women. From Zumba, Pilates, to Yoga and other special programs, you can choose from a list of available options.

They also have programs like Method X, 42 Day Challenge, X Force, MX 360, and Power Shred with different specializations in each to keep you motivated towards your goals.

These are some of the best gymnasiums in Karachi that you should choose if fitness is the name of the game for you at the moment.

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