The LHC rejects the petition against the unavailability of PPE for medical personnel | Instant News

LAHORE – The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Saturday rejected a petition against the unavailability of personal protective equipment for doctors treating new coronavirus patients throughout the province.

The court rejected the application and fined the applicant for taking time out of court. In a 5-page written decision, the court ruled that the applicants had the wrong intention when they submitted the application.

Chief Judge of the LHC Judge Muhammad Qasim Khan, in a written ruling, said that the reputation of the provincial health department had been damaged as a result of the petition submitted by doctors.

“Doctors are filing petitions without hard evidence and with the sole purpose of getting cheap publicity. The court has the right to act against people who file unnecessary petitions, “the ruling stated.

“If the authorities believe that the petition is against the rules of conduct of civil servants, they can take action against the petitioners. These doctors and paramedics are leading the struggle against coronavirus, “he added.

“Doctors risk their lives every day to treat virus patients. There is no doubt that the medical profession is a respectable profession that aims to serve humanity, “the written command read.

“Doctors are diligently completing their tasks even when the patient’s family is exposed to the virus will not be there for patients. Doctors must be careful when discussing problems, “he added.

“The whole world has been affected by the spread of a pandemic. Even developed countries face difficulties in the procurement and supply of personal protective equipment for health workers, “the order noted.

“The government is also fighting the new corona virus with available resources. Issue decisions relating to this issue while the government does what it considers to be injustice, “the order read.

“Petitioners are wrongly making claims in connection with working on the coronavirus ward in various hospitals. The state lawyer presented the evidence in this matter to the court, “the order added.

“According to government directives, personal protective equipment for doctors who treat virus patients is available in storage rooms in various medical facilities,” the order noted.


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