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The Sindh Education Department tops the list of authorities receiving complaints during 2019 by the provincial ombudsman, said the official’s annual report for last year. The education department is followed by the Karachi Water & Waste Disposal Board (KWSB) and the Sindh police.

“The statistical analysis of data relating to complaints received, processed, investigated and discarded shows that a total of 2,765 complaints were received and 2,235 complaints were dumped during 2019, with assistance provided to 1,563, which is 72 percent. , “Read the report.

The highest number of complaints, at 415, was received by the education department, followed by 353 against the KWSB and 318 against the Sindh police.

As for the other authorities, 239 complaints were received against local government departments, 238 against Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), 157 against the Sindh Building Control Authority, 120 against the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and 104 against the Sindh General Accountant.

The ombudsman provides relief to 98 percent of retirees or widows in cases of AG. Twenty-eight percent of all complaints were also rejected between January and December last year.

The Ombudsman also received 73 complaints from children during 2019. Sixty-three of these were received by the education department, three went to the police, two against KDA, and one each against the KWSB, KMC, the health department, the revenue department and the work department. & service.

Since 2009, the highest number of child complaints recognized by the provincial ombudsman, namely 556, was against the education office. However, given the admitted complaints as a whole, the education department was preceded only by the Sindh police.

Most of the complaints were in the form of personal problems, service problems, maladministration, time limit issues and others. However, the annual report did not say how many complaints the ombudsman received about abuse, child abuse and other sensitive issues during 2019.

“While it is very encouraging to report that this agency has been able to correct the complaints of many people, there are some challenges as well,” Ombudsman Ajaz Ali Khan said in a note to Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah.

“My focus for the coming year (2020) is to overcome these challenges and make the complaint handling system smoother and less time-consuming.”

Khan admits that the biggest challenge his institution faces is the implementation of its decisions. He said that after a lengthy investigative process, a decision was made to correct public complaints.

“Unfortunately, in many cases, provincial government departments and agencies failed to implement these decisions in a timely manner, which not only caused frustration for the complainants, but also degraded the image of this institution.”

He pointed out another challenge faced by the provincial ombudsman, namely the slow response from agencies and departments during the investigation process, which resulted in undue delays and lengthy investigations.


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