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Payment of rent overshadows the people of Karachi because most landlords refuse to give concessions to tenants during the ongoing closure.

Mukhtar Ahmed, who manages the canteen in a private hospital, said that
His business has been closed for the past two weeks and he has no money to pay
rent with.

“I used to buy things from the bakery and sell them in the canteen
but I can’t do that anymore because it’s locked so I don’t have income, “Mukhtar,
who lives in a rented house in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, said. “I have to pay for my house
rent because my landlord refused to give me a concession but I don’t know how
I would be able to do that. “

The distribution of rations by benefactors and charities means his
families can eat for now but the rental prospect is still heavy
his shoulder.

A widow, who wants to remain anonymous, said she put food on the internet
table for herself and her two daughters by providing tuition for children but said
that parents don’t want to pay for April.

“I paid my parents’ parents in March but they will not pay this
months since school is now closed, “he said. “Previously, children would do it
come even during summer holidays but that is not the case at the moment
people stay at home. I have no money to pay rent this month. “

Landlords say their hands are tied

Landlords argue that they rely on rent to make ends meet.

“I am not in a position to make any concessions on a monthly basis
rent my house, “Muhammad Imran explained to Muhammad Mural Ali, his tenant
for the past eight years. “I need the full amount to pay for my children’s schooling
cost. “

Others, such as retired bank officer Shamsuddin Shaikh, hire as
their only source of income.

“I am unable to make concessions for my rent because I will not do it
able to meet my own expenses if I do, “he explained.

Looking for each other

Real estate agents, however, revealed that several owners seem
give their tenants some leeway.

“I collect about 20-25 houses a month in rent and make a deposit
money to the landlord’s bank account but so far no owner or
the tenant has contacted us about it even though we are having a week in April now, ”
said Arshad Sikandar, who owns a real estate agent. “People want to compromise consider
what we face today. “


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