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Pakistan, which is included in the category of developing countries and under heavy foreign debt burden is almost touching the 105 billion figure American dollar, now, is the day, battling against dangerous enemies about who even the most developed countries, equipped with the latest modern technology and far more advanced scientific and health knowledge, seems to prove to be a failure. During a small span of time, Covid-19 nearly engulfed the entire world. Don’t care about rich and poor, black and white, east and west, Muslims and Non-Muslims, race and color and developed and developing countries. It is haphazard and affects and kills people of all ages. Until the archiving of the story, more than 69501 people have been declared dead while 1274967 are being treated. This has also revealed the same powerlessness of developing and developed countries throughout the world.

China, as the first country to be devastated by this new corona virus, handled the situation wisely and saved the lives of its citizens. The efforts undertaken by government medical, medical and Para staff and even by citizens are exemplary and matchless. If there was another country in place of China, it would escape the battle ring and go to the grave as a whole. Chinese citizens especially from Wuhan Province prove themselves as how government instructions are followed and how assistance is given in times of crisis. In the dark, China shines and develops hope against Covid-19. It’s easy for China to send back all Pakistani students who study in Wuhan province but don’t do this. On the contrary, it makes them all safe in Wuhan. Iran, the US, Europe and many other countries were hit by Covid-19 which was uncontrollable and deaths were reported in triple digits every day. Even populist leaders from developing and developed countries cry and express their helplessness. One difference arises when we compare China with other countries and that is caution and carelessness. Corona virus is hitting countries whose citizens are careless. On the other hand, the Chinese government and its people are careful and eradicate it in a discipline that is lacking in other countries.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, Pakistan has advanced forward and adopted all actions that need to be taken according to WHO standards while still paying attention to its economic and social structure. This is the most difficult time for developing countries like Pakistan to continue with scarce resources and under the severe pressure of an unexpected and formless crisis when large democracies are powerless against it.

During times of crisis a country cannot be kept in darkness and one cannot go further even an inch after speaking lies with the nation. What Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan did, was the need at the time and he correctly exposed the actual situation of the corona virus in Pakistan and brought the nation in confidence, seeking citizen support in its three speeches to the country. The federal, provincial and local governments have worked in a commendable manner and whatever steps are taken at the federal or provincial level, they are implemented in writing and enthusiasm by the District Administration to deal with this transmission. For example, the Lahore District Administration began preparations for the Corona Virus in January 2020 under the direction of the Punjab Government immediately after it broke out in China. One might ask why the steps taken by the government are not highlighted in the media. The answer is simple, namely (the government) does not want to create terror among citizens. The Lahore District Administration held a meeting with tour operators and took a list of emigrants (Zaireens). The District Administration went door-to-door and conducted a corona test of all of them. Likewise, a special desk was set up at the Lahore airport and the Wagah hostel to screen each passenger. All this was done last week in January while in February, the situation was under control and no cases of the corona virus were reported. While remembering that they will soon enter Lahore, the District Administration initiated chlorination sprays throughout the city, mostly in places visited by residents on a large scale, under the supervision of Lahore Commissioner Mr.Saif Anjum and Deputy Commissioner of Lahore Danish Afzal. This process is still continuing and up to now more than 2000 places including main roads, hospitals, offices and public places have been chlorinated.

The next problem that the District Administration hopes will emerge is the establishment of quarantine centers where corona patients must be kept. Three straight from the art quarantine center and one 200-bed field hospital were established in Kala Shah Kaku, just 18 km northwest of the Lahore District, within three days during which 1,200 corona were suspected to be quarantined. Likewise, a 1000-bed field hospital was established at the Expo Center and one 100-bed field hospital in Raiwind. In addition, special isolation wards were established in all major hospitals in the provincial capital along with the identification of more quarantine centers in the five Lahore teas. Unfortunately, some criminals have tried to manipulate this situation by stockpiling masks, cleaners and important commodities and by putting too high prices on food that cannot be eaten and that cannot be eaten. To overcome this, the District Administration has regularly taken strong action against criminals and has tried to stop this crime from the start by launching a crackdown in all parts of Lahore. Confiscated masks, cleaners and other commodities are supplied at the hospital at no cost along with their supply to the city pharmacy at half price.

Another step the District Administration has taken is to set up a control room in the DC office that works around the clock. The main purpose of this control room is to continue connecting citizens with the District Administration if there are problems or emergencies where residents can contact at 03070002345. In addition, social distance, which is the only step to avoid the spread of the corona virus, is being carried out. implemented in all grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and at 25 points for flour truck deliveries by activating civil defense organizations throughout the District. To avoid artificial deficiencies, 25 truck points have been set up in Lahore where flour supply is ensured for residents. The price of each bag of flour is the price of ex-mill. The District Administration has also set up 22 camps across the main road, has hand sanitizers and hand washers to protect residents, get out of their homes if there is important work. As mentioned earlier, the most important and most important precautionary measure is isolation. People who have home facilities might go to their homes but what about homeless people as a place they can take shelter for isolation. For this, the District Administration immediately prepared six temporary Pana Gahas in various parts of Lahore, which are in addition to the existing ones, forming five permanent Pana Gahas. The homeless, who live on the road and footpath, now live in permanent and temporary pana gahas. Another step that is unmatched, unprecedented and unmatched was taken by the District Administration which is a function of sixteen initial diagnostic corona mobile units. They ran on the road to filter residents. If signs of the corona virus are observed in a citizen, he is referred to the nearest hospital for a complete corona virus test.

No doubt, special packages have been announced by the Federal Government and the Punjab Government for the convenience of citizens. Whatever, medical or social steps, need to be taken, has been taken by the government. Workers, daily bets, middle class, rich and poor have all been facilitated by the Government. Now it’s time for citizens to play their part and keep as much social distance as possible and follow the instructions of the government and health experts. This new corona virus can be transmitted from one person to another and this can only be stopped with social distance. We must be spiritually connected and socially disconnected during this crisis.

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