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LAHORE: Senator Amer JI Sirajul Haq has asked the PTI government not to raise issues such as amending the 18th Amendment, National Finance Commission Award (NFC), NAB law, etc. To cover up their ‘failures’, and instead focus on solving community problems and meeting their commitments.

The emergence of Ramazan has issued a flood of rising prices in masses already badly hit by coronaviruses, with prices for fruit and vegetables more than doubling, doubling their worries, Sirajul Haq said in a statement from Mansoora here on Monday. Instead of controlling prices and bringing aid to the people, he said, the government is increasing nonissues to divert people’s attention from real problems, he said, adding that all the government’s current attention should be on providing living necessities. to the masses and facilitate them in Sehri and Iftari.

Sirajul Haq said Prime Minister Imran Khan had frustrated people by punishing the masterminds of the sugar and atta crisis despite pledging to the country that he would take action after the scandalous forensic report was published on April 25. Siraj said the promised report had not yet arrived, and people knew that the Imran Khan government had opposed the change of direction on this issue because the perpetrators of sugar atta and mafia were part of his government.

Previously, the Palestinian Resistance Movement, Hamas, head of Khaled Mashal contacted the head of JI by telephone and inquired about the health of JI’s foreign affairs chief Abdul Ghaffar Aziz. Speaking with Hamas leaders, Sirajul Haq said it was the duty of Muslims around the world to fight for the liberation of the Qibla e Awwal and Palestine and to support the oppressed Palestinians for this purpose. Israel, he said, is an illegal state and the Zionists have illegally occupied Palestine. He assured that JI would sacrifice for the liberation of Palestine. Khalid Mashal thanked Senator Sirajul Haq for his sentiments and said Pakistanis always express deep love for Palestinians and they (Palestinians) are deeply indebted to them for that.

Meanwhile, JI naib ameer Liaqat Baloch criticized the government for talking about changing the 18th Amendment and changes in the NFC Award only to cover up its failure to control the corona virus. Speaking to the party delegation in Mansoora, he said the PTI government proved itself a complete failure in legislation and accountability. Parliament was not given because of the importance of the law and the National Assembly was only an instrument in the hands of the ruling junta. He said the amendments to the NAB Ordinance had not become law and the government had not acted on time. He said accountability seemed only to be a victim. He said that the end of accountability led to corruption and corrupt mafias.

Liaqat Baloch asked why the ATTA and sugar scandal report was postponed and why was Prime Minister Imran Khan making a bold statement dealing with a corrupt mafia on April 25? The government, he said, changed its position and issued sentimental announcements. He said that the brutality of the Indian occupation forces in Held Kashmir had increased since the change in the valley’s constitutional status and people from all walks of life including political leaders, doctors and journalists had become joint victims. He regretted that the government had not yet devised a strategy to deal with this situation.

Previously, an Ulama delegation led by Allama Asghar Arif Chishti visited Liaqat Baloch and discussed the situation created by the coronavirus. The delegation stressed that the corona had affected people all over the world and all possible precautions to be adopted to control the chaos and added that this was a Shariah order.


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