The PM does not trust his own legislators, said Nisar Khuhro | Instant News

KARACHI: Sindh President of Pakistan People’s Party Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s desire to use the hand-raising method for the Senate polls shows that he (PM) does not have confidence in MPs from his own party.

Speaking at a press conference here on Thursday, Khuhro said the PM knew that his party’s assemblyman was angry with him because in secret elections they would vote for someone else in the upcoming Senate elections.

That is the reason the PM wants to use the hand-raising method for Senate elections, said Khuhro, urging the president to fire the PM over his admission that he could trade horses in Senate elections for making such a statement. tantamount to attacking democracy.

He said the Pakistan People’s Party did not dispute whether Senate elections were held in February or March. He advised the PM to step down to make way for the country’s premature elections in a transparent manner.

He said PM Imran Khan’s aim to strengthen the Center shows his dictatorial tendencies. Gone are the days when the empowered Center represented the empowered provinces. He said on the contrary, empowering the provinces will also empower the Federation.

He said the PM was against the 18th Amendment and the concept of provincial autonomy, because the province’s share in the NFC Award increased while the Center’s share decreased.

PPP president Sindh said they would not let the federal government change the 18th Amendment or the concept of provincial autonomy. He claims that Imran Khan and Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf have ruled the country, as a result of rigged voting, adding that federal government policies have greatly disappointed the country. Khuhro said they were ready to sacrifice the Sindh government for the people of the country.


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