ISLAMABAD: Pakistan firmly rejects India’s unfounded accusations of ‘infiltration efforts’ and baseless claims regarding the targeting of ‘launch pads’ across the Control Line (LoC), ARY News reported.

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesman Aisha Farooqui also rejected the provocative statement of the Indian defense minister, including his recent absurd claim that “we are dominating the enemy …”

He said that India repeated accusations to divert world attention from state-terrorism and gross human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ & K) which it occupied.

India also tried to use this accusation as a pretext for “false flag” operations. Pakistan has continuously made the international community aware of such a possibility and urged India to stop taking actions that are considered trivial, read the statement.

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Indian battles continue to damage peace in the region. In 2020 alone, India committed 882 ceasefire violations and deliberately targeted innocent civilians living close to the LoC in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The statement further said that at the same time, in the so-called custody operation, Indian occupation forces in occupied Kashmir had specifically targeted young Kashmiris.

In April alone, 29 innocent Kashmiris have been martyred, including 7 since the start of the holy month of Ramazan. In addition, harassment and intimidation against Kashmiri journalists is increasing under the notorious “Law Prevention of Unlawful Activities” (UAPA), while the Indian occupation forces continue to operate with full impunity covered by ruthless laws such as PSA and AFSPA.

On the other hand, continuing communication restrictions and the lack of unrestricted access to medical supplies and other basic necessities exacerbated the COVID-19 situation for Kashmiri residents in the controlled valley.

In parallel, India has sought to exploit the world’s preoccupations with COVID-19 to further push the ‘Hindutva’ agenda in occupied Kashmir.

The spokesman said the change in the rules of domicile was another opportunistic step by the RSS-BJP dispensation to advance their evil goals of making demographic changes in the occupied territories.

Pakistan and Kashmir have firmly rejected this Indian intrigue in the past and will continue to do so in the future, he said and added, “Our immediate and effective response to the Indian Balakot misunderstanding clearly demonstrates Pakistan’s will, capacity and readiness.

India should not underestimate the determination of the Pakistani people and armed forces to frustrate any aggressive design.

Pakistan will continue to extend full moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir until the realization of their inalienable right to self-determination as enshrined in the UNSC resolution, read the statement.



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