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LAHORE – The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed five food points and punished dozens of restaurants with a hefty fine when cracking down across Punjab.

The authorities also uprooted unhealthy vegetable crops in Rahim Yar Khan and dumped thousands of kilograms of unhealthy food.

The operation was launched under the direction of PFA Director General Irfan Memon.

In Lahore, the PFA has sealed the nimko plant due to counterfeiting and discharged 1,800 kg of substandard bean flour; 1,600 kg of nimko, 450 kg of dirty oil and 80 kg of ‘pakoriyan’.

PFA Irfan Memon said that the authorities had taken action against Sheikh Brother Nimko for using dirty oil and loose matrices in nimko preparations.

He said that the use of hazardous and substandard ingredients in any product caused health problems.

The Sialkot PFA team sealed the Shah Gee Grinding unit for using prohibited ingredients in the preparation of spices and selling red chili peppers along with non-compliance instructions. The raid team had removed 1,350kg of cone matrices, 350kg of matrices, tainted red chillies and unhealthy food.

Subsequently, the Sargodha PFA team raided Babar Nimko and sealed its production unit to prepare substandard nimko in oil, failed to produce workers’ medical certificates, smelly environments and did not comply with instructions.

During the operation, the provincial food regulatory agency disposed 2,350 kg of tainted bean flour, 360 liters of substandard oil, 27 liters of milk.

The Director General said that those who committed fraud during Ramazan deserved double punishment.

The PFA team is busy day and night in carrying out their duties and to ensure the provision of healthy food during the holy month of Ramazan.

The authorities will continue to act blindly against counterfeiters and adulterers until they are completely eliminated from Punjab, he added.

In South Punjab, the PFA team raided the Javed Paan Store in Multan and sealed it for selling gutka and expired drinks along with witnessing the worst hygiene conditions.

In another attack, the food security team closed Malik Sweets in Bahawalnagar because of insects, bad storage systems, and a smelly environment.

During the operation, the provincial food watchdog had seized 200 sachets of gutka, 300 cakes, 200kg of flour, 150kg of sugar, two ovens and a mixer.

On the other hand, the PFA enforcement team threw out thousands of kilograms of unhealthy vegetable crops by plowing on the 16-Channel land in Rahim Yar Khan.

PFA has removed the poisonous pumpkin and apple pumpkin.

PFA Director General Irfan Memon said that the use of wastewater to irrigate plants caused health problems after adding toxic materials in ready-to-use plants.

He said farmers could only plant alternative crops and could not be eaten with sewage and industrial wastewater such as bamboo, jute, indoor plants and flowers.

He has warned farmers to avoid irrigating crops with sewerage water, otherwise the PFA will plow the plants according to the law.

He added that the PFA was closely monitoring to ensure food that was safe from agriculture to the plate.


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