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LAHORE: Senator Amer Jamaat-e-Islami Siraj-ul-Haq has demanded the establishment of a permanent commission to award the National Finance Commission (NFC) and warned the PTI government not to delay granting grants which are a serious violation of the Constitution.

The federation is not serious about sitting with the provinces and resolving problems and complaints with them, he said in a statement on Tuesday. He said the whole nation was suffering from the corona virus because business had collapsed and every citizen was under financial pressure. However, he said, the government’s priority was not to pull the country out of this pressure and that raised an issue that was not important to divert attention from its failure. He said people need prevention and food to live.

Sirajul Haq said the country was overburdened with a troop of ministers and advisers whose performance was difficult to find, and said that the addition of ministers and advisers only led to a further decline in the performance of the PTI government. He said the government did nothing to serve the country or ease the burden of hardship, except for a reshuffle of ministers and bureaucrats.

He urged the government to ensure the implementation of the announcement for the payment of Rs 12,000 for each unemployed person and the payment of three small business electricity bills by the state. He alleged that the government had so far been unable to provide medical equipment for medical officers and rations and financial assistance for the recipients of daily wages.

He added that millions of daily wage earners, workers, besides those who do private work and white-collar people suffer from hunger but the ruling elite claimed everything was fine. Cursing the increase in the price of fruits, vegetation, and other unnatural necessities of life with the emergence of Ramazan, he demanded strict action against the mafia involved in seeking profits. He referred to a new 25 percent reduction in world oil prices and called for a reduction in the price of gasoline by Rs40 per liter. He also demanded a reduction in the price of DAP, Urea, and other fertilizers in addition to seeds to make it easier for farmers to grow cotton and rice.

Sixty percent of the country’s population, he said, lived in rural areas but farmers did not get a refund because of their harvest. That is why the agricultural sector is experiencing a decline. He demanded the abolition of water tariffs and removed loan markup for the purchase of agricultural machinery. He demanded that the state ensure the procurement of wheat from farmers at a fixed price. The JI leader said the delay in the forensic report on the sugar and wheat scandal clearly meant that something was wrong and the ruling elite had snatched billions of rupees from the general public. As with the electricity sector, he added.

Baloch: Jamaah-e-Islami name ameer Liaqat Baloch said the PTI government was not in a position to change the amendment to the 18th constitution or the NFC Award and only raised this issue to hide its failure to overcome public problems.

Speaking at a meeting of JI office administrators from Sindh, Balochistan, KP and Punjab on a video link from Mansoora on Tuesday, he said the government failed and the solution lay in mid-term elections held in a fair, impartial and transparent manner. . He said the frequent changes in the federal cabinet raised questions about the style of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s administration.


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