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Former Indian versatile player Manoj Prabhakar recalls how he was once the best of Pakistani talisman Imran Khan during the Wills Cup match in Sharjah on October 23, 1991. In the last league match before the final, Pakistan defeated India with four rounds, with Aamer Sohail winning Man -of-the-Match for the 133-ball 91.

Prabhakar, who took nine overs for 62, took the goal alone Imran; cleaning up the former Pakistan captain after he hit 43 of only 24 shipments. Prabhakar clearly recalled Imran’s goal for the drama that preceded the dismissal. “It was around the time I introduced reverse swing in India … I had control [while] bowling at a good speed with old balls. When Imran came to the fold, I looked at Kapil Paaji, who was standing in the middle, and said, “Tell me where to bowl to him”. He wants me to get close to the goal, “Prabhakar said.

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“Taking a backlash is not too difficult and this is against the team, which is credited for creating art [of reverse swing]. I received the delivery of the swing upside down and he (Imran) hit me for six … Kapil Paaji asked me to fill the same line. This time, I receive deliveries all the time and Imran makes room and hits me out of the stadium! “

Imran’s round, studded with four and two six, played an important role in Pakistan achieving a total victory on 257/7. Prabhakar revealed how he formed a former all-round World Cup winner. “I bought a beamer at Imran … then I realized [wicketkeeper] Kiran More is lying on the ground. I pretend [the ball] has slipped from my hand but not! I walked to Imran, apologized and returned to the target. Subsequent deliveries, he might have expected another beamer, but this time I received a slower delivery and he was cleanly bowled, beaten by a lack of speed. “

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Prabhakar, who remained undefeated at 19, bore the heaviest burdens from Pakistan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis during the flight. Both of them continued to target Prabhakar’s body. “I told them [Waqar and Wasim]”I show my stump … why are you kneeling on my body?” “We have instructions from our captain Imran Khan not to expel you … the plan is to hit you,” Prabhakar recalled jokingly.

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